Juan Brunetta puts aside rumors that place him in Cruz Azul

Juan Brunetta puts aside rumors that place him in Cruz
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The Santos Laguna midfielder, Juan Brunettapointed out that he is focused on helping the team get into the Play-In of the Apertura 2023 of Liga MX, this in light of the rumors that position him outside the team as possible reinforcement of Cruz Azul for the next tournament.

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I am calm, I know there is talk out there, but my head is here and I don't start to see what they are saying, I don't hear anything, I am focused on Santos and my goal is for Santos to play the play in, at the end of the tournaments there is talk and you never know what football has in store for you, but today all I want is for us to win tomorrow to continue fighting for the tournament.”

To its arrival in San Luis PotosĂ­the Argentine, highlighted that although the Led by Gustavo Leal, they are a rival with a good level and a good team.they must win to continue advancing in the tournament and meet the goal of being in the final phase of the tournament.

The truth is that we are going to face an opponent that did very well in this tournament, they have a very good team, with a clear idea with good players, that is why they are in the position they are in, fighting to enter directly into the league, we had consecutive games "But it's how the calendar turned out and it's no excuse for giving a good result tomorrow," he added.

About the possibility that his partner, Harold Preciadoget the Apertura 2023 scoring titleconsidered that the Warriors' shirt number 7 is a player of first category for what he contributes to the team.

Harold's thing is very important for him and for the club, he is a first-class player that every team wants to have and he helps a lot with their work, I hope he can be given the scoring title, he is very close and accompanied by the team he gets into play in,” he concluded.


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