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Journalists from various media outlets in Guatemala hold a sit-in in front of Torre de Tribunales, in rejection of the criminalization and persecution of the journalistic union.

A Guatemalan judge ordered last Tuesday to investigate nine Guatemalan journalists and columnists who work -or worked- in the newspaper El Periódico, at the request of the prosecutor's office, which has complained that the publications on the actions of justice operators could constitute crimes.


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Among the journalists mentioned, who cover the judicial source, the Public Ministry and who have published anti-corruption investigations, there are also the director of the newspaper Julia Corado, the only woman, and the columnist and former foreign minister Édgar Gutiérrez.

Guatemalan judge Jimi Brener Ramírez decided on Tuesday to endorse the request by prosecutor Cinthia Monterroso to investigate six journalists and two columnists who allegedly made "malicious publications" regarding the legal situation of Zamora Marroquín.

Most of the reporters who will be investigated are part of the El Periódico team, which has released more than 400 publications of acts of corruption during the last two decades in Guatemala.

In 2021, Zamora Marroquín received from the King of Spain, Felipe VI, the award for outstanding media outlet in Ibero-America, for the investigative work that elPeriódico has carried out for almost 30 years.

On July 29, 2022, Zamora was arrested on money laundering charges. His arrest was seen as retaliation for his coverage of alleged government corruption and has been widely condemned nationally and internationally.

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