José Luis Perales said goodbye to the stage but not to the hearts

The Spanish singer-songwriter José Luis Perales offered an unforgettable show on the night of Wednesday, April 6, at the Warner Theater in Washington DC.

“Baladas para una Despedida” was the official farewell of José Luis Perales from the stage, by his own decision.

This was a meeting planned for 2 years but due to the pandemic it was cancelled.

José Luis Perales offered a show with a simple stage, full of love and gratitude from both parties, where his audience did not stop thanking him for his musical legacy. The singer was very emotional and sang the most emblematic songs of his career.

In a colloquial tone, he said that he only wanted to compose for others, but ended up being the successful interpreter of his own songs. He then began the show with a reception full of applause and with songs from his early days, Jealousy of my guitar, and the famous song You call me.

The attendees sang the best-known melodies from their repertoire, which included those that became known in other voices, such as They called her crazy, which was popularized by Mocedades, or the well-known ¿Por qué te vas?, remembered theme sung by Jeanette.

Moved to tears, we received his emotional words of farewell: “The time has come, but don’t think that you are going to get rid of me, I am leaving to continue dreaming of the people who have loved me”, said Perales at the end of this recital at the who also recalled a desire that he repeats on this tour, “to go down and hug everyone”.

The three songs most requested by the public, “A sailboat called freedom, and what is he like? and I love you, were left for last

It was two hours of direct contact with the great singer-songwriter José Luis Perales, who sang and played the guitar with the song Me voy calladamente when he said goodbye, which he wrote many years ago thinking precisely at this moment of retirement from his successful career.

Finally, he left the stage slowly, with his hands in his pockets and blowing a kiss in the air before disappearing backstage… Without a doubt, he will always remain in our hearts, and a chorus was heard THANK YOU FOR SO MUCH, MAESTRO JOSÉ LUIS PERALES.

The US tour is completed with two stops in California (San José and Los Angeles) on April 8 and 10. And afterwards, Hispanoamérica will continue on its farewell tour to the stage.

I left the theater chanting:

And how is he? / Where did he fall in love with you? / Where is he from? / What do you do in your free time? Ask him, why has he stolen a piece of my life? / He is a thief, who has stolen everything from me!