José Eduardo Derbez tells how Maribel Guardia is feeling two months after the death of Julián Figueroa

José Eduardo Derbez spoke about Maribel Guardia's state of mind, two months after the death of her son Julián Figueroa, since he recently had contact with her at a meeting organized by him and his mother, the actress Victoria Ruffo.

It was a couple of days ago when the son of Eugenio Derbez shared a photograph of said meeting, which was also attended Aracely Arámbula and José Alberto “El Güero” Castroand later exchanged words with some of the media at the Mexico City airport and assured that the Costa Rican he had a lot of fun and forgot about pain for a moment.

“I saw Maribel very well, I am very happy to see her calm. She knows that she counts on us, we support her, she is a great friend, a good person and We're glad he's out and having a little distraction. Maribel is a woman who works a lot, so that always helps”, commented José Eduardo Derbez.

In addition, Maribel Guardia herself commented on the photograph on the actor and comedian's Instagram account. “We had a great time. You will always remind me of my son”, Was the message that the actress wrote in the publication.

The heavy losses of Maribel Guardia in recent months

In addition, unfortunately to her son Julián, the Costa Rican received another severe blow in recent days with the death of one of her great friends, the journalist Ricardo Rocha, who died of cancer and whom Maribel fired with an emotional message on her social networks.

"Have a good trip dear Ricardo Rocha. Great journalist, communicator, excellent person. A gentleman in every sense of the word, we will miss you "wrote.

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