Jorge Valdano gives a lecture in Mexico on leadership

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Chubb, the world's largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, brought together its business partners at “Protecting your move”, a talk in which the former soccer player, world champion and speaker, Jorge Valdano shared lessons about leadership in the world of football, highlighting values ​​such as credibility, hope, passion and humility, with the aim of refreshing these principles and reflecting on how they can be applied in the business world.

Diego Sosa, president of Chubb Mexico, welcomed the attendees, highlighting that at Chubb, as in soccer, there are values ​​that identify them, and that are part of their company, such as equal opportunities, teamwork, focus on results, camaraderie and trust.

"As you know, Chubb is the official insurer of the Spanish LaLiga soccer team in Latin America and we are very pleased to have the presence of a LaLiga ambassador at this event, such as Jorge Valdano. World champion with the Argentine team in '86, With a career as technical director and sports director of Real Madrid, Jorge is also an author and speaker, with a number of fantastic and emblematic stories, which he will surely share with us today," said Diego.

Jorge Valdano, Champion with Argentina in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. (Juan Carlos Fernández)
Jorge Valdano, Champion with Argentina in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. (Juan Carlos Fernández)

In his speech, Jorge Valdano highlighted the influence of attitude that can be decisive in achieving excellence or stay stagnantor in mediocrity, exposing, from his point of view, the necessary characteristics of a leader who is in charge of a high-performance team. The author summarized the key elements of leadership in the 21st century through eleven powers (credibility, hope, passion, style, speech, curiosity, humility, talent, wardrobe, simplicity and success ), exemplified with coaches, players and dramatic moments of sport.

Valdano shared experiences from his career covering different roles, as well as his relationship with the media and his role as a book author. “Football is more emotion than the game, it is more drama than comedy, it is more game than sport, but it is an area where man exaggerates, with a whole emotional territory. Within football there is fear and courage, there is adventure, but there is also uncertainty.”.

Taking into account that time passes and knowledge ages rapidly, Valdano points out that “only curiosity allows us to lose the fear of this state of permanent change.” In this sense, who is curious is not afraid of the future because it opens naturally to ideas, change and innovation, renewing knowledge.

"The state of mind has an overflowing power when it comes to team building. And I'm not just talking about football, I'm talking about any area in which we find ourselves," said Valdano.

The event culminated with an emotional presentation of images of Valdano in action during the 86 World Cupgiving the audience a glimpse into his creative pattern and football skills.

In its first year as the official insurer of La Liga in Latin America, for the 2022/2023 season, Chubb Seguros used the concept of “Passion that moves us” to speak to the passionate football fan and create their association with LaLiga. For the new season, the concept evolved to align with the company's mission to protect what matters to its customers and business partners. With the motto “Protecting your move”, Chubb seeks to continue positioning its brand closely, with personalized solutions, seeking to be present in the lifestyle of policyholders so that they can dare to do more.

“In a world where innovation and enjoyment are the measure of success and the greatest risk is to postpone a desire, plan or project, ensure experiences and satisfy needs while minimizing the impact of what could happen, enables us to dare to try new ways of living, working and doing business", commented Diego, referring to Chubb's shared purpose.


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