Jorge Losa confesses what his courtship with Ferka is like

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"The house of the famous" not only It became one of the reality shows shows more important from Mexico, but tIt was also the seedbed of love between the Mexican Ferka and the original actor Spanish Jorge Losa.

inside those walls They started a romance that has become official while they were away. of the program and with which Jorge feels very happy, to the point that he wrote a song for his “little doll”

That is why in an interview with an exa program The 'Albacete' commented on his relationship with Ferka.

“We get along in a very nice way, we support each other and understand the relationship we have, and far from putting our foot down we try to make the most of each other, we get along very well and we have fun with each other”

Jorge Losa and Ferka spend a romantic moment / Instagram Capture

What is your relationship like?

Something that Jorge assures about Ferka is what attentive that she becomes with him, The Spaniard affirms that the Mexican woman does not stop taking care of him and pampering him in every possible way.

“He doesn't stop taking care of me in every way, I think it's mutual and the fact is that we are both looking for the best for the other.

Point out that Ferka is very detailed when it comes to romance: “for example, you come home and he looks for food for you because you like it a lot or he proposes a Netflix night and he orders the sushi that I like, things like that.”

Something that Jorge believes is dThe best things between both of them is mutual support in work mattersbecause he affirms that they always look for the best for the other.

“In work things she makes me reflect on what is best for me or invites me to think better about what I want and I her, I feel that when a person sees well for you it shows”

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