Jorge Enrique Robledo also criticized Petro for his position on Israel: “It is a serious mistake not to reject the Hamas attack”

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Jorge Robledo said that Gustavo Petro made a mistake by not condemning the Hamas terrorist attacks - credit Luis Ortiz / Infobae Colombia.

The Hamas terrorist attack on Israel has generated international divisions between those who condemn the act and those who justify it. Colombia was no exception, since the head of state, Gustavo Petro, spoke out against the Israeli community by not condemning the terrorism promoted by this Palestinian group and, instead, to a certain extent justified the terrorist attack that claimed his life. of hundreds of people and caused an escalation of the armed conflict in the Middle East.

In Colombia there was also division due to the position of President Petrosince many politicians and opinion figures reproached him for not having condemned the Hamas murders, a decision that led to a serious deterioration in diplomatic relations with Israel.

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One of the politicians who questioned the president was the candidate for Mayor of Bogotá Jorge Enrique Robledowho called Petro's position “a serious mistake.”

It is a serious mistake by Gustavo Petro not to reject the Hamas attack that generated this crisis. Because it is also a mistake that the President of Colombia cannot make, since it harms the country before the world," said the candidate of the Dignity and Compromiso party through his X account (formerly Twitter).

According to Jorge Robledo, Gustavo Petro is wrong by not condemning Hamas, since it does harm to Colombia due to the diplomatic fracture with Israel and the consequences that this entails.

Regarding the armed conflict in the Middle East that has claimed thousands of lives, the candidate of the Dignity and Commitment party said: “I reject the attack by Hamas against Israeli civilians. I reject the attack by the Israeli army against Palestinian civilians. Under no circumstances can military conflicts attack civilians. “The UN must insist that the States of Palestine and Israel coexist in peace and sovereignty.”

Important figures from the Colombian center-left have joined Jorge Enrique Robledo's campaign, such as Sergio Fajardohis party partner in Dignity and Commitment, or Antonio Sanguinocandidate for the Governor of Cesar for the Green Alliance Party.

Added to these accolades was that of the candidate for the Governor of Boyacá with the endorsement of the Green party Carlos Amayawho asked the Boyacenses living in Bogotá to vote for Jorge Robledo in the October 29 elections.

Carlos Amaya invited his fellow Boyacenses who live in Bogotá to vote for Robledo - press credit Jorge Robledo

“Dear Boyacenses who live in Bogotá, today I speak to you not only as a countryman but as someone who believes in a better future for our capital. Jorge Enrique Robledo has proven throughout his life to be a coherent man, a tireless fighter (...) Bogotá needs a leader who understands its challenges and, at the same time, protects shared values ​​and principles,” declared Amaya.

According to the candidate for the governorship of Boyacá, Robledo meets these requirements and also has the experience and commitment to solve the problems of Bogotá due to his 20-year career in the Congress of the Republic, in which he was chosen as the best senator ten times.

“This October 29, I invite you to come out and support and vote for Jorge Enrique Robledo for mayor of Bogotá. Robledo will be a luxury mayor for the people of Bogotá and with him in the Mayor's Office we will be able to work hand in hand with our department to achieve a food supply system that allows our farmers in Boyacá to earn more,” Amaya added.

In that sense, Robledo has a food security proposal in Bogotá with which it seeks to reach 204 community kitchens that provide food for the most needy people from the most vulnerable socioeconomic strata of the District.

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