Jorge Chávez Airport: MTC will install two temporary access bridges to the new terminal to avoid million-dollar penalties

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MTC clarified that the installation of the modular bridges will not delay the construction of the Santa Rosa bridge. Photo: composition Infobae/MTC

Amid the suspension of the competition for the construction of the santa rosa bridgewhich will serve as the main access road to the new Jorge Chávez airport terminal; The Minister of Transportation Paola Lazarte informed El Comercio that two long-span modular bridges will be installed as an alternative access and exit to the air terminal.

Remember that the concession contract establishes that Lima Airport Partners (LAP) must deliver the infrastructure new passenger terminal in January 2025. To date, the mega-project is nearly 50% complete.

“It is important because today the terminal does not have any exit that connects it with the city. there is no way in [al aeropuerto] with the new enlargement. This is the way the MTC is promoting access. This does not mean that we are not going to comply with the Santa Rosa bridge, which will progress in parallel," explained the head of the MTC, Paola Lazarte to the newspaper El Comercio.

As he added, the investment demand for the alternative bridges project is S/8 million, a more profitable and economic figure for the State rather than paying the penalties in case of breaching the contract, which is around US$400 million.

The representative of the portfolio of the TCM clarified that the installation of the modular bridges will not imply a delay in the construction of the Santa Rosa bridge. On the contrary, He left open the possibility that a new tender would be launched in September, after it was deserted in July.

The Santa Rosa bridge is expected to take about 720 days to build, according to the contract. In January 2025, the new Jorge Chávez airport terminal will be ready, so it will have the two modular bridges. From the MTC portfolio, they will seek to have the construction of the Santa Rosa bridge awarded through the works-for-tax mechanism.

The new Jorge Chávez airport terminal is 47% complete. Photo: LAP
The new Jorge Chávez airport terminal is 47% complete. Photo: LAP

The communications manager of LAP, Lorena Trelles, assured in the Andean Agency that in January 2025 the Jorge Chavez International Airport it will operate with the two runways and the new control tower, which will have 210,000 square meters and will serve more than 30 million passengers.

The expansion of the most important air terminal in the country was signed on December 22 with seven international banks that financed this project with US$ 1,250 million

The new single passenger terminal will come into operation in January 2025, with an approximate capacity of 30 million passengers per year and a constructed area of ​​210,000 square meters. The capacity of the current Jorge Chávez is 15 million passengers per year, but in 2022 it received 18 million.

The new Jorge Chávez airport terminal will be inaugurated in January 2025 and its airport infrastructure will be “smart”. Photo: LAP
The new Jorge Chávez airport terminal will be inaugurated in January 2025 and its airport infrastructure will be “smart”. Photo: LAP

The new airport will include numerous facilities for activities aeronautical and non-aeronautical, such as logistics and cargo areas, hangars, offices, warehouses, parking lots, hotels, shops, among others. Although it will begin operations in 2025, it is expected that the entire airport city will continue to be modernized until 2051.

The place will also have a natural disaster prevention system. "The airport will be equipped with an Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning System, through the installation of sensors in the terminal and communication with the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci), said Lorena Trelles, representative of Lima Airport Partners (LAP) to Andean Agency.

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