Jorge Álvarez Máynez maintains work agenda with the migrant community

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Mexico.- The coordinator of the MC Parliamentary Group, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, met with the Jalisco community residing abroad, the Association of Jaliscienses in Action (AJUA), ex-braceros, together with congressmen, state senators, assembly members and mayors of the southern California, to endorse the commitment of its bench to the community and strengthen collaboration with Jalisco and from the Union Congress.

He maintained that this work agenda was to accompany, at the facilities of the Jalisco State Office in Los Angeles, California, the change of the AJUA presidency, and to support the effort led by Yanett Navarro, who will replace the leadership of Vicente Ortiz , to maintain the closeness of the Jalisco community in both countries.

He also met with "dreamers", headed by Sergio Infanzón, National Liaison of the Coalition of Mexican Migrants, and with Linda Sánchez, member of the Hispanic Caucus in the House of Representatives and member of one of the most important Committees "Ways and Means". , which implements social security programs, unemployment insurance, among other supports.

In a meeting with the representatives of the Jalisco community in California, which amounts to more than 2 million people, Álvarez Máynez received recognition from the community council in Pico Rivera, California, for his legislative contribution in favor of the Mexican community resident abroad, causes that he defends together with former governor Amalia García and the migrant representative Elvia Yolanda Martínez, who also attended on behalf of the orange bench.

In addition to the dialogue with Guadalupe Gómez, from the Federation of Zacatecanos in southern California, to understand the needs and concerns they have to support their families and communities, he attended the meeting with the binational structure of Movimiento Ciudadano, in charge of promoting the representation and migrant rights.

The work agenda that included the inauguration of the first cultural festival "Mexico in the Heart", which previously only took place in Jalisco, was attended by the MC coordinator in the Senate, Clemente Castañeda, and federal deputy Salvador Caro, together with Pilar Lozano, former migrant representative and who has allowed the expansion of coordination ties with compatriots.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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