Jon Secada is Disney's King of Hearts at Alice's Wonderland Bakery

Jon Secada is the new King of Hearts at Disney's Alice's Wonderland Bakery.

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The new Disney Junior series Alice's Wonderland Bakery has already premiered and Jon Secada was in charge of bringing the King of Hearts to lifea story based on the original AAlice in Wonderland.

Libby Rue is Alice and, next to her, the King of Hearts is played by the great pop artist of Cuban origin Jon Secada. Let's remember that Jon became famous in the 80's next to Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan at Miami Sound Machine, but as soon as he took flight as a solo artist he had a ferocious success. The themes of Jon Secada and his albums had record sales. Now, this great artist is renewed in a production Disney that involves the Hispanic presence once again. Alice's Wonderland Bakery It is a series full of lessons starting with the family union.

as explained to us Jon Secada In an interview he offered to La Opinion, his character is full of joy, but he is also the paternal image, that of the family protector and in that, the Cuban singer is very similar to The King of Hearts from Alice'sWonderland Bakery. Along with him, Craig Ferguson, Eden Espinosa, Bobby Moynihan, Ana Gasteyer, Donald Faison, Yvette Nicole Brown and Vanessa Bayer will give life to a story told from the kitchen and full of magic and values.

Alice's Wonderland Bakery from Disney Junior It's for preschoolers and adults who want to share it with their families too. It is inspired by the world of Alice in Wonderland“, premiered in simulcast on Disney Channel Y Disney Junior (10:30 a.m. EST/PST). An initial batch of 11 episodes are found from in Disney+. A vibrant remake of the classic 1951 film that centers on Alice, the great-granddaughter of the original heroine, and a budding young baker in the enchanted Wonderland Bakery, where her magical treats help unite a new generation of friends and families. Featuring reimagined versions of familiar iconic characters and introducing memorable new ones, the series stars newcomer Libby Rue as the voice of Alice and a host of celebrity guest stars. Jon Secada is one of them, but also the renowned musician celebrates 30 years of artistic career this year and confessed to La Opinion that he plans to celebrate it with a new album.

Recently Jon Secada he triumphed with an album of only voice and piano alongside the renowned instrumentalist Gonzalo Rubalcaba. In recent years he has dedicated himself to making collaborations, but he has already revealed to us that this year he is coming with his own album and will stroll through the urban genre. He told us how studio work is the beginning of everything for him as a musician and I add that as a global artist. right now in Alice's Wonderland Bakery the new Disney Junior series, Jon Secada He also does studio work give voice and life to the King of Hearts.

Jon Secada he is still a calm man, but now turned into a father and grandfather. His physical appearance is intact and as well as the same charisma, the same that we met when he popularized two of his greatest hits: “Another Day to See You” and “Angel”.

In Alice's Wonderland Bakery, the family will enjoy 11 magical adventures and recipess, where all of Alice's friends come together with enchanted ladles, delicious ingredients and lots of stories. The series in which Jon Secada brought the King of Hearts to life celebrates the culture and creativity of food, highlights self-expression, and teaches age-appropriate social and emotional lessons about friendship, collaboration, and the importance of community.

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