Jomari Goyso is absent from 'Despierta América' and uncertainty about the future of the show grows

The driver was absent from the Friday morning edition of Univision and caused uncertainty among viewers.

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Jomari Goyso was absent from the last program of the week of "Despierta América" ​​and that revived the concern among the followers of the Univision morning program about the possibility of firing some of the talents of the same.

Everything arose in the program 'Gossip No Like', in which its headline, Javier Ceriani reported that the show is having the worst numbers in its history, which led to the dismissal of one of its longest-serving hosts, the Puerto Rican, Víctor Santiago, who worked there for 25 years.

For this reason, his viewers have been on the lookout for anything unusual with his talents, such as the absence of Karla Martínez, who has not appeared in the Univision studios for more than a week and now that of her partner, Jomari, is added. Goyso.

However, in both cases it seems that there is no problem, since the Spaniard published an image on his Instagram account in which he revealed that he is in the Dominican Republic, enjoying a few days off with his family.

“These Dominican airs suit me (the photos were approved by my mother… I had a SPECTACULAR one, but my mother didn't like it….) SHINE!! Happy Saturday!!"wrote the driver and stylist in the message with which he accompanied the photograph.

On the other hand, and although there has not been an official statement on her part, nor any mention in 'Despierta América', Karla Martínez also published a series of photographs, in which she revealed that she is enjoying a vacation on the paradisiacal beaches of Portugal.

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