Johan Vásquez and his defensive play that cost his club the victory against Milan

Vásquez played the entire game.

Photo: Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Cremonese came very close to a golden victory in Serie A in Italy. The set of Johan Vasquez did an almost perfect defensive job against Milan, but an oversight by the Mexican defender led to the tie for Milan and the disappointment of the Cremonese fans. The game ended 1-1 at the San Siro.

Johan Vásquez's team played a great defensive game throughout the match. The Cremonese limited Milan to kicking only 5 times with the direction of the goal. Despite the fact that the Milan team took possession of the ball, at times its usefulness was inconsequential when generating danger in the rival goal.

The Cremonese took the lead at minute 77 with a goal from Okereke. The visiting fans celebrated the surprising victory at San Siro. But Milan would have one more and Johan Vásquez made things easier. The Mexican made him one Junior Messias is missing near the area. Minute 90+2 elapsed and that The Aztec's gift was transformed by a goal, the work of Messias himself. The Aztec even had some responsibility in the shot that ended up being Milan's tie.

Cremonese loses points in their fight

This latest tie leaves a bad taste in the mouths of visiting fans. The three points were going to be very beneficial for the Cremonese in their fight not to lose the category in Serie A.

Currently, the group led by Johan Vásquez marches in the eighteenth position in Italian football. The Cremonese accumulates 21 points and is 6 units from the save points. There are still 5 days to play, but the margin of error is getting smaller and smaller. The Mexican defender and his team should be aware of this scenario and not letting valuable points slip away like they did at the San Siro.

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