Jodie Foster, distinguished at the Morelia Festival

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At 60 years old, Jodie Foster is more than grateful for life and her career as an actressnot only because of how her characters have transformed her on a professional level, but also because she considers that The performance itself has been a healing process. This is what he showed during his time at the Morelia International Film Festival, where he received the Artistic Excellence Award..

“This is really exciting, I think it's because it has to do with my childhood,” Jodie said.after watching a video that was projected in the movie theater, in which part of her time on film sets is summarized, while she put her hand to her face to clean her eyes and adjust her glasses, she really looked moved to receive the award.

“I grew up being on the screen (I was less than five years old), but also in the lives of some of you"It is a beauty to see this not only as an artist, but also as a person, to see the way I became a woman, it was painful too, and to see all those characters that I have played in my career," explained the Oscar winner.

The video summarized part of his career, with iconic characters that remain intact in Clarice Starling in The silence of the inocentsor Ellie Arroway in Contact, “All of them have felt everything: shame, longing, that they survive, that they have been forgotten, this exercise of making films is an opportunity to survive,” he said.

“Making movies is crazy, like running from one place to another like a chicken, but making movies is very healing, acting itself is.”, Thank you for recognizing this, now that I am sixty years old, I'm going to tell you a little secret: know that life gets better, the moment you turn sixty everything becomes fantastic,” he added.

Prior to entering the movie theater where The directors of the FICM, Alejandro Ramírez and Daniela Michel, presented him with the recognitionFoster walked the red carpet, where shared details of his experience under the direction of the Mexican Issa López in the series True Detective“She is a very creative woman and I think very intuitive,” he explained.

Issa López “is very brilliant and is also a writer. “She is the first person in the conversation, which I appreciate, she is a great lover of mezcal, she is a mezcal expert, but I imagine they already know that,” The actress added regarding her collaboration with the Mexican, but not before responding to other details of her stay in Morelia.

Regarding Mexican cinema, the actress explained that, “They have a great tradition of cinema in Mexico, from which I learn more and more every time.”. The last program I did was with a Mexican director, it's called Issa López, she has been my favorite director in history and I have been in this industry for 58 years; So, to say that she is my favorite is something incredible.”

Regarding the actors' strike that has been in force in Hollywood for more than 100 days, Jodie simply replied: "We are in negotiations," After walking through the folder, signing autographs and taking photographs with her followers, she entered the movie theater, where in addition to being recognized, she presented The silence of the inocents.


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