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Joaquin Sanchez, captain of the Real Betisretired this Sunday from professional football on a night that he will never forget and in which cried profusely, in a 1-1 draw with Valenciaone of his old teams, which coincidentally was the rival with which the bullfighter from El Puerto, the genius of the quarry heliopolis, put an end to his very long career of 23 years in the elite.

Joaquin, that, full of emotion, couldn't hold back tears since before a match started in which the Betis he had it all done (sixth place and historic third consecutive presence in the Europa League) and Valencia salvation was at stake, and the 'boy' who used to take the train in the bay of Cádiz to go train in Seville, to the sports city of his Betis, did not disappoint at all.

The fine extreme of El Puerto de Santa María went around the fieldlike good bullfighters in a Round afternoon at the Real Maestranzaaccompanied by all his companions, who, as a sign of the immense affection they have for a footballer with great charisma on and off the pitch, and even in the media due to its television facet, they kept him in the midst of the joy and ecstasy of a hobbythe bética, who idolizes him.

And is not for less. Joaquín made his debut as a boy with the first team of the Thirteen Bars in September 2000, being the Betis in Secondand since then he has done and boasted of beticismo in all the places where he has been: Valencia (2006-11), Malaga (2011-13) and Fiorentina (2013-15) before returning to what has always been his home, in addition to having played 51 games in the absolute Spanish team.

All that baggage, his honesty and his football quality, his personality and his imprint, difficult to match, He was recognized in the match against Valencia that meant his retirement from active football, although he will continue to be linked in another plot to the club of his life, Betis, since not in vain, in addition to his wisdom and his experience in a locker room where he was the king, always attentive and aware of what his colleagues who adore him needed, He is a prominent shareholder of Betis.

Joaquin has also equaled the record of 622 games in the First Division that Andoni Zubizarreta played and has become the second oldest footballer to play a match in the top Spanish category at 41 years and 318 daysjust behind Harry Lowe, who, in his capacity as coach and player, played one in 1935 with more than 48 years, with the Donostia FC.

to portuense, artist and genius and figure within the field, he missed the tears before the start of the match this Sunday with Valencia, with the song of the club's anthem, without going any further. And from there, He did not stop crying, both on the pitch and when he was changed in the 60th minute and the Benito Villamarín, with more than 54 thousand souls, collapsed cheering him and shouting his name.

“Joaqui, Joaqui, Joaqui” u 'Oh, captain; oh, captain" They were the most popular slogans, in addition to the fact that before the start a typhus was displayed in one of the stands with a photo reproducing one of its accurate crosses and the following message: Joaquin Sanchez. A myth with art. 14 seasons. Thanks, Cap17an."

It was also chanted "Joaqui, Joaqui" in minute 17, in correspondence with the number of the eternal green and white captainthat applauded to his people when retiring to the changing rooms in the rest and, later and in the field, He was seized with emotion again when he continued crying when he heard the recognition that Beticismo gave him, at every moment, permanently.

Like the Liverpool anthem, that of El Puerto de Santa María he never walked alone in his farewell as a professionalreceived the affection and the greatest admiration that a professional can have. no other choice, tears had to be dried before so much appreciation and love from a dedicated fan, until he finished exploding to applaud his idol when in the minute 60 he was replaced by another Sánchez, in this case Rodri.

Joaquín left wrapped in tears, knelt down and kissed the grass where he gave so many afternoons of glory, that of Benito Villamarín. The Brazilian from Valencia Gabriel Paulista hugged him, then all his Betis teammates followed him and, already in the band, Juanmimembers of his coaching staff and even the visiting coach, Pipo Baraja, with whom he coincided in the che club.

On the bench, the artist, the bullfighter with the shield of the Thirteen Bars, kept crying, Thinking about what's left to livealready away from the changing rooms and the grass, although, like good matadors, in the end he recomposed his figure, he turned the 'ring' around -to the field in this case- together with his companions, without stopping to shed tears and in the midst of the delirium of his faithful.

As the end of the party made a toast in a bullfighter pose with his right arm to heaven, as in the Maestranza, and was blanketed by the entire bética squad. “I can't ask for more." said later, laconic and proud, the talented player from El Puerto, traditional land within the world of bullfighting. And Joaquín, like a good portuense, was at the top when he cut his ponytail while at the top, at 41 years of age.

(With information from EFE)

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