Joaquín Sabina shows solidarity with the victims of Otis from the National Auditorium

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Everytime that Joaquin Sabina steps foot on stage leaves no doubt that more than 45 years in music have given him all the experience and confidence to be one of those old sea dogs who always return to surprise.

At 74 years old and despite all the health mishaps he has had in the last two decades, the Spaniard is one of the most beloved singer-songwriters in Mexico, so it was not a surprise that yesterday the National Auditorium looked full for the 10 thousand people who gathered to see and listen to Sabina… Against all odds.

So, 20 minutes before the clock struck 9:00 p.m., Sabina, dressed in a jacket, his emblematic hat, the face of someone who has lived on stage and the skull rings on his hands that left no doubt of his rock spirit, He appeared on stage where he was received with great emotion by his fans who, upon hearing the first chords of When I Was Younger, let themselves be carried away by the Spaniard's hand on a musical adventure.

“Good evening Mexico, welcome to see you, what a pleasure and what a pleasure to be here, and what a thrill after so many years to know that we are not leaving. I entered Latin America through Mexico. I also want to ask for all kinds of forgiveness from the people of Puebla because I failed them, the fault was Moctezuma's revenge that upset my stomach."

"I want to send a greeting of solidarity to the people of Acapulco who are suffering, since that first time I have been lucky enough to have had a very long journey but no other country, not even Argentina, has been as involved in my songs as Mexico and I have had “the luxury of having my songs sung by mariachis,” Sabina shared with her audience before singing with them Feeling a lot and Lo nego todo.

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Sabina is one of those musicians who are part of that generation that was not afraid to express with art what they felt and lived, and that has not changed. The years change a person's physique, but not their spirit and ideals, and this was demonstrated by the Spaniard when White Lies, Marble Tears and When the River Pressesresonated throughout the country's capital.

Thus came the turn of On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, a song that Sabina wrote to celebrate the life of nothing more than that of the Mexican of Costa Rican origin, Chavela Vargasin which he was accompanied by Mara Barros, one of his backup singers.

“How about a little rock and roll?” asked Sabina, receiving the most affirmative response that the audience could give her and immediately joining the Spanish voice with Llueve sobre wet, where inevitably Fito Paezhis close enemy with whom he recorded the 1998 song, was present.

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Accompanied by seven musicians on stage, and he sitting in front of everyone, Sabina does not give her audience a break with her music, “From a very young age I had the intention of writing, singing came later to earn a living in exile. My voice was not the best instrument but it was very daring but I could think of songs that were sung by a girl and that was not my case.”said Sabina, who left the stage for a moment to give her musicians space to play.

I want to be an Almodovar girl, performed by Barros, and The most beautiful song in the worldvoiced by Antonio García de Diego, were the next dish of the evening, which only made the audience whet their appetite even more for the music of Sabina, who returned to the stage to accompany García at the end of the song.

After a wardrobe change in which a black shirt with red balls replaced the jacket, the Spaniard gave that particular voice to So young and so old, a song with which The audience gave him a standing ovation that shook the singer-songwriter. who repaid the affection by applauding his audience.

At the edge of the chimney, A song for the Magdalena and 19 days and 500 nights led the audience to a closing that was not going to be less spectacular than the show, which is why the Spaniard did not doubt that City fish, And yet you I want and Princess made the people who couldn't stop singing shudder.

So, after a brief outing, Sabina returned to give the final blow to the audience who enjoyed every lyric and every note of The Case of the Platinum Blonde, With You, Wedding Nights, And They Gave Us Ten and Pills to Not Dream, with which the evening closed.

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