Jhonny Caz launches a message about his alleged breakup with his fiancé


One of the groups that continues to give what to talk about is Firm Groupbecause the band made up of Mexicans Eduin CazAB Moon, Johnny CazJoaquín Ruiz, Fito Rubio, Dylan Camacho and Christian Téllez, does not stop counting on fans who follow every step they take.

Jhonny Caz, third voice, and brother of Eduin Caz, is one of the most famous members, and who has become an icon of the Mexican regional, due to the freedom he promotes regarding his personal life and musical creativity.

The young man from Culiacán, Sinaloa made public his relationship with Jonathan Bencomo, with whom after several years of courtship he got engaged in one of the concerts that Grupo Firme offered in Las Vegas, when for a moment Bencomo took the stage to kneel and ask her to marry him.

So far little is known about the party they are planning to celebrate the marriage bond, they still do not announce the day they will unite their lives, that is why it was rumored that they had put an end to the relationship. The information reached the hatred of the couple, who without hesitation released a photograph, in the image they appeared together and embraced with a legend that says.

“Here on vacation celebrating and enjoying our disengagement”, is read from a graphic shared by the journalist Chamonic3. While in one of the comments he also reported that last Sunday the couple with Jhonny’s mother went to the Ana Bárbara concert and they were enjoying, dancing and singing.

With the publication they cleared up the gossip and they say they are happier than ever, in addition to continuing with the plans for their wedding, the date, place and groups that will entertain are still unknown. Just a few days ago, Jhonny and company received recognition on May 6 at the CDMX Government Palace by the Mexican governmentwhere an upcoming free concert in the Mexican capital was announced.

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