Jesús Angulo hopes to see more Tigres players in the Mexican National Team

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The Tigres de la UANL are the team of the moment, having three titles in less than half a year (Clausura 2023, Champion of Champions and Champions Cup); fact that They hope it will be reflected at the Mexican National Team level, as detailed by Jesús Anguloprior to the next FIFA date Of October.

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The auriazul side He is confident that the Mexicans on the squad can have an opportunity for this next FIFA date against Ghanahighlighting that Only he and Sebastián Córdova have been the most recurrent by Jaime Lozano in their most recent listings.

Every player has the illusion of always being in the national team; All the Mexicans who are here have been on the national team and we are doing our job in Tigres and as a consequence they will go there. We have quality and teacher Jaime (Lozano) would choose who he calls, we will continue our work here, there is a good possibility of continuing to be called,” he commented.

The royals They have experienced players in their ranks in the national team, such as Diego Lainez, Diego Reyes, Marcelo Flores and Ozziel Herrera. In addition to others who have been raising their hands like Raymundo Fulgencio and the experienced Juan Pablo Vigón.


Finally, The famous 'Stich' Angulo accepted that he had a strong desire to leave for the Old Continentafter the supposed interest of clubs in Italy for their services.

In terms of the future, I don't know anything, I hope something happens, my dream would be to emigrate, it will be step by step and with the opportunities they give us," he stated.


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