JEP of Colombia accepts submission of former paramilitary leader | News

JEP of Colombia accepts submission of former paramilitary leader |
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The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) exceptionally accepted this Friday the submission of Salvatore Mancuso after the entity considered that the former paramilitary leader contributed to the knowledge of the truth about crimes committed by paramilitarism during the internal armed conflict and their relationship with other armed groups and the public force.


President Petro appoints Salvatore Mancuso as peace manager

"Once the verification exercise has been passed, in fact the contributions of Mr. Salvatore Mancuso in the hearing that took place in the city of Montería, meet the evaluation criteria required by the closing body of this jurisdiction," said Judge Heydi Patricia Baldosea. .

During the process carried out virtually, the Legal Situations Definition Chamber highlighted “the truthful contributions provided by the former paramilitary leader", who is arrested in the United States.

However, the JEP indicated that Mancuso's entry corresponds to the concept of "subject incorporated into the public force" between 1989 and 2004, but he is not recognized as a paramilitary because his legal status in Colombia has yet to find a solution.

“In accordance with the ruling SU-429 of 2023 issued by the Constitutional Court, the situation regarding the freedom of the aforementioned Mr. Mancuso must be resolved by the justice and peace chambers of the Superior Court of the Judicial District of Bogotá, in the terms indicated therein. "said the judge.

Likewise, the JEP highlighted that Mancuso must continue to provide information that meets the so-called standards of truth in order to advance the investigation.

Mancuso was commander of the North Block and the Catatumbo Block of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC). This Friday he gave details of his role as a connection between the AUC and the Colombian armed forces.

He told about the rapprochements between the paramilitary group, the military commanders, state entities and representatives of the political and economic classes of some departments, which influenced the expansion of paramilitarism.

He assured that the former Administrative Department of Security (DAS) provided information to the AUC to assassinate union leaders and people who supposedly had links with insurgent groups.

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