JEP charges former Colombian commander with false positives | News

JEP charges former Colombian commander with false positives | News
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This Monday, the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) of Colombia charged another 35 soldiers with cases of false positives, including former Army commander Jaime Lasprilla, who are attributed with 200 murders, including 32 forced disappearances. in addition to eight attempted homicides.


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According to the information provided by the JEP itself, this is the fourth accusation for "false positives" made by this Justice, created by the peace agreement with the FARC, and which is added to the other 62 members of the Army accused of these crimes.

With the new accusation, those involved are charged with 200 murders, including 32 forced disappearances, in addition to eight attempted homicides.

Likewise, it emerged that these new charges include 35 members of the Colombian Army in the Huila region.

He explained that "for his participation in the execution of a criminal plan whose purpose was to display homicides perpetrated in simulated combats as legitimate operational results, with the objective of giving a false sense of security to the civilian population, as well as achieving professional benefits and greater legitimacy institutional".

In cases known as "false positives," members of the Army disappeared and murdered innocent young people to pass them off as guerrilla casualties, in exchange for rewards and promotions.

As a result of its investigations, the JEP has counted 6,402 of these cases, which were committed mainly between 2002 and 2010, during the presidential term of Álvaro Uribe.

Among those accused is retired General Jaime Lasprilla Villamizar, who became Army Commander in 2014, and who has been accused as author by omission, as well as Major General Miguel Ernesto PĂ©rez Guarnizo and Brigadier General William Fernando PĂ©rez Laiseca.

Former generals Édgar Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez and Marcos Evangelista Pinto Lizarazo, along with the 30 defendants, must respond as co-authors for these war crimes.

The majority of events that have been attributed to them occurred between 2005 and 2008 in Huila, when there was an "increase in cases of murders and forced disappearances perpetrated by members of the public force."

The JEP has so far charged 97 people with "false positives" in Case 03, of which at least 55 have acknowledged their responsibility. Furthermore, with Lasprilla there are already two former Army commanders accused of "false positives", since on August 30, the JEP accused retired General Mario Montoya, along with 8 other soldiers, of 130 extrajudicial executions of innocent young people.

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