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Jennifer Lawrence will return as the districts' rightful defender.

Although, this time, it was not her who offered herself as a tribute and she will not be the heroine of the prequel to the Suzanne Collins saga either, Ballad of songbirds and snakesscheduled for release on November 16, will trigger Katniss Everdeen's arc again thanks to the revival of the trilogy The Hunger Gamesnow available in national theaters.

As much as they would have loved to see her return to the character, it was impossible to involve Katniss in this new plot, as it developed long before the brave defender appeared.

Ballad of songbirds and snakes focuses on Coriolanus Snow (Tom Blyth) before he became the tyrant president of Panem. Upon being appointed mentor of District 12, he establishes a dangerous relationship with his tribute, the mysterious Lucy Gray (Rachel Zegler), whose duo will reveal, in the games, who can hang like a bird and, the other, bite like a poisonous viper.

Other figures such as Viola Davis and Peter Dinklage also join this film.

The good news is that the essence of Everdeen seems to be in Lawrence's veins, since she has been responsible for sharing all that feminine strength in each of the roles she has played after her emblematic character.

Without a doubt, a revolutionary who does not need to accept post-apocalypse and utopian roles to demonstrate it, because through comedies she has achieved it.

And, of course, without forgetting her participation in the Marvel Comics superhero genre such as Mystique, in X Men First generationwhere she managed to emulate and equal the power that actress Rebecca Romijn gave to the mutant in the original mutant saga.

She also played a girl with borderline personality disorder, who doesn't let her diagnosis and gossip dictate her life in Destiny games; to a scientist willing to show, in the midst of a disaster, how ridiculous humanity can be in the face of adversity in Don't look up and until his most recent role in comedy, Do me the favor, recently added to the HBO Max catalog, in which she uses her beauty to seduce a teenager and change the disaster in his life.

Lawrence has an unnoticed charisma and a challenging attitude towards every project that is put in front of her, it is not for nothing that she became an idol of the millennial generation. She is a guarantee and promotes female freedom to the extent of criticizing the women themselves who have criticized her for dressing the way she likes. “That's not feminist, she's sexist,” she said in 2018, when she was criticized for a Versace outfit in cold weather.

“Everything I wear is my choice and my problem,” he clarified on Facebook.

He is 33 years old and seems to have the world at his feet, again, without needing to confront anyone, because until now he has a fortune estimated at five billion dollars thanks to his career in Hollywood with the aforementioned films and even though he has pointed out that the great mecca of commercial cinema is quite questionable.

Roles in which she has teamed up with renowned figures such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt, Erik Lensherr, Meryl Streep, among others, and which have managed to stand out in such a way that she has been awarded an Oscar in 2013 by The games of destiny and nominated for three others for Blood ties (2010), The great American scam (2013) and Joy (2015).

That's on the artistic side, while personally she has been a figure to follow for her way of being so witty and spontaneous, from being the protagonist of epic falls that she herself makes fun of, to photobombs on red carpets with her co-stars. And not to forget her insight and brutal honesty in interviews, the star is the queen of entertainment without even trying.

As for his family life, it is no less dazzling, but much more private. In 2019, she married gallerist Cooke Maroney, whom she met through a mutual friend a year earlier. Things seemed destined, because, despite being very discreet, multiple sources pointed out how happy they made each other, and they ended up getting married.

By February 2022, her love story was enhanced by welcoming her first baby, Cy, an experience that, she says, has changed her life and that she is enjoying to the fullest, but not before talking about the fear she felt when facing to this stage for the first time.

“It's so scary to talk about motherhood, because it's so different for everyone, and if I say something like, 'It was great for me from the beginning,' some people will think, 'It wasn't for me,' and that will make them feel bad. Fortunately, I have many friends who were very honest with me telling me that maybe I wouldn't connect right away and so I felt prepared to be forgiven if that happened," the actress told the magazine. Voguelast year.

Lawrence shared her fear of feeling pressure to think about things like she had to love her baby more than her cat 'what if she didn't? What if I love him the same as my baby? 'He asked himself, laughing.

However, the experience has been as rewarding as she expected and now she continues to set trends since motherhood.

“With this, now, it is the first day of my life, as if it had just begun. I just fell so much in love (with Cy) that now I'm in love with all the babies. "Newborns are wonderful, they are pink, soft and fragile, little survivors and I love them all, and now I hear a baby crying in a restaurant and I immediately say: Aww, beautiful!" he added during that same interview.

It is for these types of things and more that Lawrence has quickly become one of the favorites of the guild, not only of her thousands of fans but also of colleagues such as Emma Stone, Adele, Amy Schumer and Nicole Richie, among others, with who frequently share fun outings.

Her fame is such that even the Japanese magaka Gege Akutami, creator of Jujutsu Kaisen, canonized her in his story by making her the inspirational woman of Yuji Itadori, the sorcerer who, within him, tries to destroy the fearsome demon Sukuna.

J-Laweverywhere, is an extraordinary woman.

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  • 1 Oscar Award.
  • 1 BAFTA Award.
  • 2 Critics Choice Awards.
  • 3 Golden Globes.

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