Jennifer Lawrence defied Cannes rules by walking down the red carpet in flip-flops

Jennifer Lawrence.

Photo: Cindy Ord for Brooklyn Academy of Music/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence He never ceases to surprise the public with his witticisms and the 2023 Cannes Film Festival has been the most recent scenario where one of them took place. And it is that The famous "challenged" the rules of fashion by parading down the red carpet clad in a stunning dress... and flip-flops.

It wasn't long before the first images of her arrival at the famous movie event made the rounds on the internet and put the Oscar winner on everyone's lips for her interesting choice of footwear.

To attend the premiere of his next film, “Anatomy of a Fall”, Jennifer Lawrence chose a voluptuous dress from the Dior fashion house in a bright red tone that highlighted her beauty; she accompanied it with an elegant diamond necklace.

Jennifer Lawrence | Photo: Getty Images

Nevertheless, the stairs of the venue forced her to reveal the secret she hid under her outfit: instead of heels, she wore flip-flops black that allowed him to move without any problem.

Although this fact sparked a furor on social networks and several Internet users applauded Jennifer Lawrence's action by preferring her comfort over glamor, the actress could have gotten into big trouble.

In the past years, it has been reported that the Cannes Film Festival is extremely strict about its policy of banning flat shoes for women on the red carpet. If so, the comedian would have broken the rules and risked a "penalty."

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