Jenni Hermoso gives Spain the victory against Italy in the Nations League

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The selection Spanish female Italy beat this Friday 0-1 in the Arechi Stadium of Salernowith the efficiency of a Jenny Beautiful that came back with a goal to give three points that consolidate the world champion at the head of Group 4 of the Nations League.

The players of Montse Tomé came out had good chances in the first minutes, especially with Aitana Bonmatí. The match became even, and the Iberians failed to break Italy's wall.

In it minute 68Hermoso jumped onto the field, after not having been in the first call after the world after the kiss Luis Rubiales, former president of the Federation. Her teammates had won those two matches while they fought in her name.

The artillery of Spain broke the 0-0 in the minute 89finishing off the rebound with a shot from Alexia Putellas. The Pachuca forward rescued a Spain that was less skilled than usual in front of goal. The women's Red continues to be part of the favorites at 'Final Four'and the long-awaited ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The world champion fought against the lack of aim and the vagueness at times, when the occasions of Mariona, Aitana, Lucy and Olga seemed to indicate that the match would be Spain. Cata Coll had to intervene before Linari.

The Spanish team finished the first half equally intense, pressing and looking for openings. On the resumption, the entry of Salma It almost resulted in a goal, but Italy was resistant at the back. Andrea Soncinon the Italian bench since September, managed to get her players They will disconnect the Spanish game.

The world champion tried it on the wings and looked for the start of Salmaas he did in the play that ended in the goal of Beautiful. A triumph of emotions, because it had to be the Madrid heroinewrapped in a social and political movement in search of respect and equalitymuch more than sporty.

The world champion did not hide her emotions before the microphones of RTVE:

What better joy than to arrive, feel good again, score the winning goal and… well, now I can only smile. I could tell you many things, but life sometimes gives you small gifts.

I have thought about many people who have been behind me all this time, and I am happy because thanks to them I have enjoyed football again.

He analyzed the difficulty of winning this match, and explained his role on the team:

When playing up front, the coach asked me to fixate a little and try to have a little more possession. And in the end something had to fall, it fell today with a goal and we took three points, which I think are very important.

Montsé Tomé He was happy to see his player's rebirth again:

We are all very happy to have won, because she scored that goal. We hoped that she could intervene and that she would do it this way when we put Italy behind. That Jenni scored the goal makes us very happy. We have seen her smile and she is everyone's smile.

(With information from Europa Press)

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