Jenni Hermoso breaks her silence: "I didn't feel respected"

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The player of the Spanish women's team, Jenni Hermosodeclared to questions from the Prosecutor's Office that. he kiss he gave her the former president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales, was not consented and? she did not feel respected as a person and footballer.

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"They were subjecting me to something that I never sought or did to find myself in that situation"revealed in the statement before the Prosecutor's Office, advanced by the program Telecinco's 'Code 10' and in which the Tuzas del Pachuca forward narrates the moment she received the kiss after Spain won the Women's World Cup.

According to his story, he hugged Rubiales and stated: "The one we've messed up". After, the former president of the RFEF jumped on her and he commented: "We won this World Cup thanks to you".

The next thing was his hands on my head and then I didn't hear anything else. I saw myself with the kiss on the mouth and I immediately went down to the stage with my companions," Hermoso recalled when asked by the prosecutor of the National Court Marta Durántez. "I didn't even expect it," added the Madrid native.

In this point, The soccer player recalled that the World Cup victory was a historic event that it cost her and her teammates their lives to achieve it.

At no point could I expect something like that to happen in the end (...) In a trusted person, I think no one would expect that he would use that moment to do something like that, no matter how spontaneous it was," reproached Hermoso, who also He explained that when he got off the stage he told what happened with Rubiales to his colleagues Alexia Putellas and Irene Paredes.

Questioned expressly in case the kiss was consensual and if she felt violated or raped, Hermoso was clear.

I clearly didn't feel respected. At that moment she was not respected at any time, neither as a player nor as a person, she was experiencing something that was historic," she stated emphatically.


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