Jean Paul Santa María breaks his silence and refers to the legal process with Angie Jibaja: “I assume everything my children need”

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Jean Paul Santa María refers to the legal process with Angie Jibaja.

Jean Paul Santa Maria For many years he has been focused on raising his children, two of them fruits of the relationship he had with Angie Jibaja. After issuing a statement with Romina Gachoy announcing their separation, the singer has decided not to give details on the subject in order to take care of his little ones.

In the midst of this news, Angie Jibaja reappeared in Lima, causing even more of a stir. The model arrived from Chile, where she lives with her mother, to appear at the Public Ministry and continue with her legal process with Jean Paul Santa Maria.

“Mrs. Jibaja sought us out in order to provide her with legal advice regarding her judicial processes. Yesterday's proceedings, before the Los Olivos Prosecutor's Office, respond to a review of the case and reading of the file before the 3rd Legal Peace Court of Surco where a maintenance process is being aired against the man. Santa Maria since 2015″, lawyer Wilmer Arica told Trome.

Infobae Peru communicated with Jean Paul Santa Maria and consulted him about this process. The singer made it clear that since 2018, he has assumed all the expenses of his children, That is why it seems unfair that Angie Jibaja ask him for money that he has already more than repaid by taking care of his children, without asking anything from his ex-partner.

Angie Jibaja testified before the Prosecutor's Office in the case with Jean Paul Santa María. | composition/TV capture/broadcast
Angie Jibaja testified before the Prosecutor's Office in the case with Jean Paul Santa María. | composition/TV capture/broadcast

“Since 2018, I have assumed everything. This year marks 5 years and I plan to continue assuming everything that my children always need," were the singer's words.

Jean Paul Santa Maria He indicated that under this line he is searching for a legal solution. “She has already sent all the documentation, all the evidence and all the expenses that to date exceed the amounts that she is unfairly asking for,” she highlighted.

“And I say unfairly, because not only does he not contribute anything, but he also asks to be given money to this day. So that? "If I assume everything and will continue to do so," he said. Infobae Peru.

Jean Paul Santa Maria He noted that he trusts in justice, because what worries him most is the well-being of his little ones. “Now the Peace Court that is hearing the case is aware of the situation, I only have to appeal to the justice and good faith of the judge in favor of my children,” she stated.

consulted in case Angie Jibaja He arrived in Peru to request custody of his children, Jean Paul Santa Maria He indicated: “I do not speak for third parties”. However, she made it clear that she will support whatever his little ones decide.

“I am asking for custody of my children. It is a process that is already underway,” she told this medium. “My children today enjoy total stability in every sense. And it is my duty to ensure that that always remains the same. “That's how it is and that's how it will always be,” he noted.

“I care about what my children want. Whatever is good for my children,” she concluded.

Angie Jibaja goes to the Public Ministry for a legal dispute with Jean Paul Santa María and avoids responding | Composition Infobae / Instagram @angiejibajaoficial_ @jeanpaulsantamaria_oficial
Angie Jibaja goes to the Public Ministry for a legal dispute with Jean Paul Santa María and avoids responding | Composition Infobae / Instagram @angiejibajaoficial_ @jeanpaulsantamaria_oficial

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