JCC San Salvador 2023: Mexico debuts in baseball with a shutout against Cuba

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The mexican baseball team men started this Saturday on the right foot in the Central American and Caribbean Games San Slavador 2023 by defeating by 4-0 to the ninth enacia by Cuba.

In a match marked by the defenses and with little play in the outfield, the Mexican opener Wilmer Riosof the Monclova Steelersdominated the Caribbean hitters in six of the seven innings and only allowed two boards.

Ríos's performance contrasted with the mistakes that marked the fate of Cubans from the mound. A wild pitch from the Caribbean starter Carlos Viera in the second inning he tipped the balance in favor of the Mexicans.

Viera was traded in the fourth inning after the Aztec third baseman Emmanuel Avila will boost a career with a hit that placed him on second mat.

After that it all came crashing down for the Cubans, who used five different launchers. None of them managed to contain the Mexican offensive, which recorded ten hits.

Avila was the better in attack and drove in a couple of notations in addition to registering a double at the plate.

Another of the outstanding players in the Mexican ninth was Fernando Villegaswhich went 3-3.

The baseball tournament, which takes place in the Saturnino Bengoa Ball Parkin San Salvador, will continue this Saturday with the match between the current champions, Puerto Ricoagainst the ever powerful Venezuela.

The Cubans must recover to face on Sunday curacaowhile the ninth Aztec team will play against the locals on the same day.

In the baseball competition of these Central American and Caribbean of San Salvador HE The first four will qualify.out of a total of eight teams, to the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile.

(With information from EFE)

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