Javier Milei's mistake in the debate when making an allusion to Johan Cruyff and the Argentine team

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Javier Milei made a mistake in the debate by making an allusion to Johan Cruyff and the Argentine team (REUTERS)
Javier Milei made a mistake in the debate by making an allusion to Johan Cruyff and the Argentine team (REUTERS)

One week from runoff that will define who will be the new president of Argentinathe candidates of Unión por la Patria (UxP), Sergio Massaand La Libertad Avanza (LLA), Javier Mileithey starred in last debatein which they sought to highlight their main proposals and convince the electorate that did not vote for any of them in the general elections.

In this key instance before the second round scheduled for next Sundayand after an electoral process that had its first chapter with the open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries (PASO) last August and a second instance, on October 22, originated one moment that had the libertarian candidate as the main protagonist.

In the midst of the final television fight, Javier Milei made a mistake when referring to Johan Cruyff and the Argentine team. This failure was when he referred to a meeting of the 1974 World Cup held in Germany and West Berlin and it did not go unnoticed on social networks. The name of the historic Dutch player was quickly placed among the main Twitter trends in Argentina.

Javier Milei's mistake in the debate when making an allusion to Johan Cruyff and the Argentine team

"First, Thatcher is an enemy of Argentina. Yesterday, today and always. And our heroes are absolutely non-negotiable even if for you she is a Thatcher figure, which for me she is not. I defend the sovereignty of the Malvinas and I also think that it would be important for you to say if the kelpers They have the right to self-determination or not, because you said they had it,” said Sergio Massa.

When you speak, Javier Milei made an analogy with football and the Argentine team and made an obvious mistake. “Look, I'm going to tell you something so that you understand the fallacy you are falling into, Sergio. With that criterion, like when Germany scored four goals against Argentina in '74, Cruyff broke it and made a disaster, you would have to consider that Cruyff is a terrible player.. Or with the goals that Mbappé scored against us in the final (Qatar World Cup 2022) you would have to despise him because he scored the goals for us. One thing has nothing to do with the other. We had a war and we lost that war and we have to make every effort to recover the Islands through diplomatic means.”

Javier Milei made the mistake in the nationality of Johan Cruyff, who is not German but Dutchmember of the world-famous Mechanical orange and one of the best players in history. Those four goals that the candidate for Libertad Avanza mentions are due to the match that Argentina lost against the Netherlands with two goals from its greatest emblem. It is also worth remembering that In that World Cup, the Albiceleste did not face Germany, who became champion in her World Cup after just overcoming to Holland 2-1 in the decisive duel.

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