Javier Milei: the outsider who suddenly rose

Javier Milei: the outsider who suddenly rose
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Miguel Alejandro Rivera

The systematic domestic violence he suffered in childhood disturbed him noticeably: once his father gave him a tremendous beating for saying that the Falklands War “would end badly for Argentina.” At school he was withdrawn, but he didn't allow anyone to bother him: “If you got too lively, Javier would stand up, he would get into trouble. El Loco was brave,” said one of his former schoolmates.

That has been the tone of Javier Milei, a punk in Argentine politics who on April 28, 2015, at 11:32 at night, spoke his first words on television, which would be the prelude to fights, debates and tantrums. of a character who reached the final match in the race for the presidency of Argentina, which takes place tomorrow.

The figure of the far-rightist and leader of La Libertad Avanza is found in the book El loco: la vida unknown de Javier Milei y su irrupción en la politica Argentina (Planeta, 2023), by the Argentine journalist and fan of San Lorenzo, Juan Luis González.

In a conversation with Excelsior, the author states: “Suddenly much of the research on Milei seems straight out of fantasy. The heart of the book is: Milei does not distinguish reality from what happens in her brain.

To understand it, the author tells how Milei, like the worst version of Robespierre, “is in a messianic delirium that God chose him, he is on the level of Moses and that causes him not to get involved in the practice of the game.” not at all". Even, explains Juan Luis, he had already been offered the candidacy in 2019, “but at that time God had not appeared to him, as he says, 2023 is the year in which he has to become president.”

In El Loco, it is explained how, since its emergence in 2021, La Libertad Avanza has practiced the sale of legislative applications and corruption practices "even he is not interested in money, he is focused on his 'divine mission' , but to the circle that surrounds him, maybe yes.”

González explains that the party works like “islands around Milei and the decisions revolve around Milei himself or his sister, Karina, which can vary depending on their mood or even what their dogs advise them.

Milei thinks her pets have powers. There are people from La Libertad Avanza who tell you: Karina spoke to the dog, the dog said that I was a traitor and they kicked me out. It is very impressive".

The book clarifies this strange situation that Milei is experiencing, who literally talks to Conan, a mastiff dog who died in 2017 and whom she sent to be cloned in the United States. The result of this scientific aberration was six dogs that, writes Juan Luis González, are the most trusted advisors for the presidential candidate who tomorrow will have to measure forces with the ruling party Sergio Massa.

Named after their favorite liberal economists, for example Milton, by Friedman, or Adam, by Smith, these animals, who are not to blame for anything, would be the ideological basis of a South American government in the event that El Peluca wins the elections.

Why then do people vote for him? “They see in Milei the guy who goes against progressivism, against feminism, a possibility of ending Peronism or Kirchnerism; Some vote thinking that he will not do everything he says, deep down those who voted for Milei in August and October, vote for him because they really hope that he will make a better country, except for a few who want to see the world burn," he says. Gonzalez.

However, the journalist does not see a clear route for La Libertad Avanza in case Milei is defeated, because “for him, politics is not just politics, but it has a mystical personal dimension. He has not known how to build himself as a politician, he is not interested,” which would explain why he does not mind opposing even figures like Pope Francis.

The title of the book accompanies you throughout its pages: The Fool. It is evident that Milei acts as such, it is not necessary to do an exhaustive search on YouTube to see it, González presents an investigation that reveals why that word defines the extreme right: a crazy person since school, a teenager with few fleas who played goalkeeper like a beast wild; a crazy man because that's what Eduardo Eurnekian, a businessman who loved to laugh at the jokes his former employee told him, called him: “This guy is a crazy man,” the Armenian, as the author calls him, said with a laugh. a madman who was declared persona non grata in San José de Metán, Argentina, because he became upset at a conference and, after giving him a psychological evaluation, the city preferred not to allow him to return.

I cannot understand that, in a country like Argentina, to get any type of job you have to take a psychotechnical exam, and neither more nor less than to be president of Argentina they do not require anything from you," says Juan Luis González, who, during the talk, he has several books behind him, El Loco, among them, from where Javier Milei's gaze incessantly stalks.

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