Javier Milei supported a criticism of the Cambiemos government and Mauricio Macri responded: “I hope you don't get angry with me too”

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The former president echoed a tweet reposted by the libertarian in which he questioned him. "Governing alone is very difficult," he warned.

Mauricio Macri This Friday he echoed a criticism against his management that was reposted in the last hours by Javier Mileiwho shared a tweet that talked about “failure” of his role as president. When asked about this, the former president responded to the leader of La Libertad Avanza with a warning about the difficulty of governing Argentina. “You can't get angry because I tell you this is what is going to happen.”said.

It was in dialogue with C5N where the leader of Together for Change referred to the publication that the deputy retweeted on his social networks, where he endorsed a harsh questioning of the Cambiemos government which the founder of the PRO presided over between 2015 and 2019.

“Macri speaks as if he had never failed as President. And some, when they hear it, forget what a failure he was as President,” said the post that appeared on the profiles of the libertarian, who will seek to win at the polls on October 22 to reach Casa Rosada.

The criticism of the LLA candidate - who positioned himself as the most voted in the PASO and arrives with a boost of confidence in the next elections - was striking given that on several occasions he had acknowledged maintaining a good dialogue with the former national leader. In addition, he had assured that he planned to offer her “a prominent role” within his government if he wins the elections again.

Mauricio Macri responded to Milei's criticism
Mauricio Macri responded to Milei's criticism

In this sense, Mauricio Macri responded to the grievance against his role as head of state and pointed out: “I hope you don't get angry with me too because what I've been saying is based on my experience. being president and how complicated it is to govern Argentina, something that I also shared with him.”

Along the same lines, he warned him about the difficulties that he will surely have to face if it is his turn to reach the Executive Branch in December: “Governing alone is very difficult. You can't get angry because I tell you this is what's going to happen.”.

His statements were made at the exit of the meeting of the think tank Freedom and Democracy Groupwhich brings together 22 former presidents and leaders of Ibero-America, where this morning Macri appeared again with the candidate of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich. The joint activity served as a new gesture of harmony and harmony between the two central figures of Together for Change, exactly one month before the general elections.

Milei's retweet against Macri
Milei's retweet against Macri

The event began at 9 in the morning in the Buenos Aires Legislature, where the II Meeting “A new narrative for political change” was held, organized by the Libertad Foundation. Macri was the first to speak, followed by the former president of Chile Sebastian Piñerawho previously announced that he agrees with the libertarian candidate's ideas of “freedom,” although he clarified that he has “many discrepancies” with him and his leadership style.

“Javier Milei calls himself a libertarian and I firmly believe in freedom. The forces of freedom, which are currently suffocated, restricted and restricted on the continent, must be freed to allow the flourishing of imagination and creativity, fundamental elements that drive innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Piñera in statements to journalist Eduardo Feinmann on radio Miter.

The third to speak within the framework of the meeting was the former Minister of Security, who spoke about “Argentina facing a new stage.” This Friday's session was the beginning of two days of presentations in which they will deal with various topics linked to the challenges that the center-right and liberal democracy have in the face of populist expressions, both from the left and, now, from sectors of another ideological origin. .

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