Javier Milei and the extreme right win the presidential elections in Argentina

Javier Milei and the extreme right win the presidential elections
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The candidate far-right Javier Milei, won the presidential elections of Argentina after the official candidate Sergio Massa acknowledged his defeat during his campaign rally. He stated that he congratulated Milei for the result, even without the official results from the Electoral Chamber of Argentina.

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"The results are not what we expected and I have contacted Javier Milei to congratulate him because he is the president that the majority has chosen to govern for the next 4 years" [...] "Milei and (president) Alberto Fernández have to launch the transition starting tomorrow [...] Starting tomorrow, the responsibility is Milei's."

Milei obtained 55.78% of the votes compared to Massa's 44.21%, with 95.84 percent computed, a difference of more than 11 percentage points. Irascible, frank, spontaneous, the ultraliberal economist became known thanks to the vehemence of his economic diatribes and broke the mold of Argentine political bipartisanship in television forums until reaching the Presidency this Sunday with the promise of dollarization.

With statements against the "parasitic and stupid (thief) political caste", The libertarian convinced more than half of Argentines to "dynamite" the Central Bank, reduce the size of the State and cut public spending. The investiture of Milei, a 53-year-old economist, will be on December 10, for a period of four years... and in his case, an immediate re-election.

Milei's campaign command was filled with followers chanting his motto "the caste is afraid" in allusion to the political class, and also "Argentina without Cristina" and "let them all leave, let not a single one remain."

Alberto Fernández affirms that he will coordinate the transition in Milei

The outgoing president assured in his X account that "the people have expressed their will" with the election of Milei and that he thanked Sergio Massa for the campaign he carried out. However, he did not directly recognize the new president-elect.

"I am a man of democracy, and I value nothing more than the popular verdict. I trust that tomorrow we can start working with Javier Milei to guarantee an orderly transition."

These were the reactions to Milei's victory

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, assured that Milei's victory in Argentina is "sad" for Latin America and that neoliberalism "no longer has a proposal for society, it cannot respond to the current problems of humanity", responding at the same time to the congratulations of the former Colombian president, the right-wing Iván Duque.

For his part, the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, assured that "democracy is the voice of the people and must always be respected," although he did not directly mention Milei, although he wished "good luck and success to the new government." ".

"Democracy is the voice of the people and must always be respected. My congratulations to the Argentine institutions for conducting the electoral process and to the Argentine people who participated in the election day in an orderly and peaceful manner. I wish good luck and success to the new government "Argentina is a great country and deserves all our respect. Brazil will always be available to work alongside our Argentine brothers," he said on his X account.

The magnate Elon Musk celebrated Milei's triumph, ensuring that "prosperity is ahead for Argentina", this while responding to a tweet about his victory.

What was the context of these elections in Argentina?

Argentines voted this Sunday in the second round to elect a president between the Minister of Economy and the legislator, in close elections that took place in a climate of extreme tension. In the midst of a serious economic crisis, the electoral campaign was developed between feelings of anger towards the traditional politics that Massa represents and fear of Milei's disruptive proposals.

With an annualized inflation of 143% and poverty that affects 42% of the population, Argentina is going through its worst economic situation in the last two decades. With annualized inflation of 143% and poverty that affects 40% of the population, Argentina is going through its worst economic situation in the last two decades.

While Massa promises a renegotiation of the debt with the International Monetary Fund, Milei plans to eliminate both the Central Bank and the Argentine peso to become a country with the US dollar as its official currency.

The polls predicted a technical tie between the two candidates, with many Argentines who until the last minute had not decided their vote. Election day took place without incident, with a participation of close to 76 percent of the population, according to official data.


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