Javier Corral resigns from the PAN; these are your reasons

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Javier Corral presented his resignation from the PAN today, November 9, which puts an end to 41 years of militancy, considering that the current National Action looks unrecognizable compared to its own principles and ethical values ​​after the alliance with the "most corrupt in history" PRI.

"The PAN that called us together no longer exists, it is just a memory, an entelechy," said the former governor of Chihuahua, who had distanced himself three years ago after the party allied itself with the PRI in December 2020.

Corral said that a year ago he had made the decision to formally separate from the party and made it known publicly on several occasions, but it was this Thursday that he made it concrete by presenting his letter of resignation to the current PAN leader, Marko Cortés.

"The decision that I formalize today has been the result of a long process of assessment and maturation in which, on the one hand, I have wanted to distance myself from the particular situation that I have had to live in after concluding my responsibility as governor of Chihuahua, and on the other , to accompany my resignation with a greater reflection on the political moment that the country is experiencing, its challenges and the dilemma that the 2024 elections pose to us between the past and the future."

PAN is in the hands of mediocre leaders: Corral

The former governor of Chihuahua considered that never in the history of Acción Nacional, a party founded by Manuel Gómez Morín, had there been leaders “as mediocre and cynical as those of now”so I consider that staying in the institution would be “betraying the origin and the ideological principles that shaped it.”

"I greatly respect those who, with genuine intention, harbor the hope of an ethical and moral reconstitution of the party. In my case I have completely lost it. That battle is lost, because the evolution is always towards the worst; they have entrenched the simulation, lies and hypocrisy," he accused.

Corral explained that throughout his career he has tried to be consistent with his words and actions and tried to be a constructive critic within the party within the framework of respect. “There was never a complicit silence from me,” he pointed out, but he pointed out that currently the door has been closed and the “critical spirit and deliberative action are expelled, they are ignored and verticalism prevails.”

“After resounding electoral defeats, any analysis has been stifled and it is still time to not recognize the enormous responsibility that has been had in the deterioration of institutions and the worsening of social problems. Current times demand responsibility and definition,” he highlighted.

Alliance with the PRI has blurred the PAN in society

Javier Corral criticized the alliance that the PAN made with the PRI, which he described as “the most corrupt in history” and which, he accused, will only serve to reinstate several of the “most questioned characters” of both parties in Congress. .

“It is the alliance of the antipodes that, who has been blurred before society, is the PAN and has ended up resembling its former historical adversary. “It is an alliance that does not recognize any past dignity,” he said.

He assured that voted against the alliance with the PRI which marked his last participation within the National Council. “I consider her the greatest betrayal of its historical origin and destiny"So much so that the majority of the population rejects it very clearly and forcefully," he said.

He added that this has led a group of businessmen to take advantage of the scenario to manipulate the party and from there promote their agenda and the defense of their economic interests.


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