Javier Aguirre stands up to FC Barcelona: “We don’t keep anything”

The “Vasco” keeps Mallorca in tenth position in LaLiga.

Photo: Rafa Babot/Getty Images

The Mexican Javier Aguirre, coach of Mallorcahas stated that his team “will try” to stand up to FC Barcelonanext rival in LaLiga, although he has admitted that it will be “difficult to get his hands on” the Barça team led by his counterpart in Son Moix Xavi Hernandez.

The Balearic club has added in its stadium 4 of 9 points in play after the victory against Almería (1-0), the defeat against Betis (1-2) and the draw with Girona (1-1). All the goals conceded by the Serbian goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic in Palma have been from penalties.

I think we can be calm and with our heads held high, we give what we have. We don’t keep anything”, said Aguirre, satisfied with the 8 points added in the first six days and that have placed the vermilion team in the tenth place in the table.

“I think we are where we should be. The team defends better than it attacks and we are focused on thatin improving the issue forward, organizational, combinative”, he assured in statements distributed by the Balearic club.

Aguirre highlighted his team’s defensive play and was in favor of “seek solutions to the problems that come our way, especially at home.”

“We are looking for a better game, more volume, more fluid, that is where we are. Defensively, I think we are a team that defends well. We have it very clear. We are supportive. With ball is where we are all missing a better game“, accurate.

Aguirre arrived at Mallorca last March with the mission of avoiding relegation. He achieved it and his balance is positive: “Since we’ve been here there have been fifteen games: we have won six, we have lost six, and we have drawn three. More balance than that, I don’t know. So for us it is a lot, ”she valued.

The Mallorcan coach also referred to the number one goal this season: ensure permanence for the third consecutive year.

For us, being in the First Division is a very good thing and people appreciate it. The fans are happy. We are happy. If we are able to maintain the category and if on top of that we demand that we play better with the ball, it would be fantastic”.

And he added: “I think that, as I tell my players, the last thing that people can demand of us is that we not give ourselves up on the pitch. That while I’m here will happen. We are going to fight until the end, that it costs us blood, sweat and tears, to defend this shirt and that people go home proud of what they see and if it is in the First Division, the better“.

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