Jarrett Hobbs Jailers Brutally Beat Black Man in Georgia

Jarrett Hobbs: Jailers Brutally Beat Black Man in Georgia | International

The video of a group of jailers beating up Jarrett Hobbs, a 41-year-old African-American, has ignited the networks with outrage. Hobbs was being held at the Camden County Jail in Georgia on September 3 after committing a traffic violation. The man was also facing drug possession charges.

Supposedly, guards entered Hobbs’ cell after he repeatedly kicked in their door. A second video shows the detainee being dragged out of the room and thrown against the wall.

Sheriff Jim Proctor, in charge of the prison where Hobbs was held, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have launched two separate investigations into the incident. Hobbs’ lawyers argue that authorities have been slow to investigate the assault, while charges were immediately filed against the detainee for assaulting guards.

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