Jared Leto Hints There Will Be More ‘Morbius’ Movies

Jared Leto.

Photo: Nicholas Hunt for Tribeca Film Festival/Getty Images

Although the initial reviews received by the film “Morbius” They are not much less favorable, Jared Leto he is delighted to have starred in the first film that gives all the protagonism to the character of the vampire villain of the ‘Spider-Man’ universe, and seems to be convinced that the Sony company will be encouraged to produce a whole saga to delve even deeper into the personal history of the former scientist.

Although he did not guarantee it outright, the actor hinted that he and Morbius are still getting to know each other, so there would be a lot of material to explore in order to create a series of films like the ones that the multinational has already produced for both Spider-Man and his nemesis Venom.

“I think that [esta primera entrega] it is only a first step. If you look at Wolverine, if you look at Batman, if you look at all these movies, the common denominator is that the stories evolve over time. It’s a relationship that needs to be developed: we’re still getting to know each other, so we’ll see. I hope there is a future”, reflected Leto in conversation with IMDb.combefore revealing that it was he who opted to resort to computer special effects to film the action scenes of “Morbius”.

“At first we were going to use prostheses, but these limit your movements too much. I personally fought for everything to be done with CGI. Obviously that’s the future and I’m excited to work with amazing people deploying such innovative technology… I just thought it would give us a lot more freedom,” said Jared.

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