Jarabe de Palo will sing with Pedro Capó in tribute to Pau Donés

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The original band of the Spanish group Palo Syrup will join the Puerto Rican singer in Puerto Rico Pedro Capo to pay an emotional tribute to vocalist Pau Donés, who died in June 2020.

The concert will take place on December 2 at the Coca Cola Music Hall, in San Juan, where Pedro Capó will take the stage to perform Jarabe de Palo hits like The Skinny, Pretty, Screams and Depends.

It was through his Instagram account where the singer was very excited and honored to participate and pay tribute to the great musician.

"The honor and emotion that it causes me to have the privilege of singing with Jarabe De Palo is inexplicable," said Capó in a statement published this Thursday.

"Being able to interpret the songs of the incomparable and immortalized maestro Pau Donés makes my skin crawl and reconnects me with a stage in my life that inspired much of what I do today," he added.

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, author of hits like "Calma," thanked Jarabe de Palo's family for making him part of "something so magical and special."

The "Tribute to Pau Donés" arrives for the first time in Puerto Rico in a production by Buena Vibra Group and Lana Production.

The last song by Pau Donés

It was June 24, 2022 when the singer UGE released a new song bringing back from the afterlife Pau Dones, the legendary vocalist of Jarabe de Palo.

This moving song was recorded a few years ago by the two artists, but kept as a treasure to be made known until today, as part of a well-deserved tribute to the Spanish artist.

UGE and Pau met in the now distant 2003: “He already had that positivity and desire to live that always accompanied him."says the musician about the former leader of Jarabe de Palo, who always showed that life had too many good things to focus on the bad."

“Pau heard my songs and he liked it a lot.” Neither I for you, nor you for mesaid that it was hidden among so many good songs and decided to sing it as a duet with me, apart from helping me in the composition of the choruses” said UGE.


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