Japanese Prime Minister sets an example and renounces his salary increase; seeks to improve salaries for workers

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The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, who advocates increasing wages in his country in the face of inflation, He had to give up the increase in his own remuneration, after the scandal it caused.

His government is preparing a bill to increase salaries throughout the public administration, including the executive.

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Kishida's annual salary would register an increase of 460 thousand yen (about 58 thousand pesos), that is, he would earn 40.6 million yen (almost 4.7 million pesos) per year.

It is true that the decision to increase the salary of the prime minister and ministers has been criticized by Japanese public opinion, and "we must avoid generating distrust," government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno declared on Thursday.

Therefore, "if the bill is adopted by Parliament, the prime minister, ministers and deputy ministers decided to transfer the amount of their salary increases to the Public Treasury," he continued.

Kishida presented a few days ago an extensive support plan for the Japanese economyequivalent to more than 110 billion dollars, to counteract the effect of inflation.

Plan to mitigate inflation

Last week, Kishida reported that the government will spend more than 17 trillion yen ($113 billion) to cushion the economic blow of rising inflation, which will include tax cuts.

To finance part of the spending, the government will compile a supplementary budget for the current fiscal year of 13.1 trillion yen, Kishida told reporters.

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Inflation, driven by rising raw material costs, has remained above the Bank of Japan's target of 2 percent for more than a year, weighing on consumption and clouding the prospects of an economy that is late to recover from the scars left by covid-19.

The rising cost of living is partly blamed for Kishida's falling approval ratings, increasing pressure on the prime minister to take action.

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With information from AFP and Reuters.


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