Japanese blew himself up in protest at Shinzo Abe’s funeral | News


A man set a fire near the Japanese prime minister’s residence on Wednesday, in what has emerged as a protest over the government’s decision to hold a state funeral for former prime minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated earlier this year.


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The man was taken to hospital with burns all over his body and a police officer was injured while trying to extinguish the fire. According to local press versions, the man in his 70s was unconscious when they first found him.

The incident occurred on the date Abe would have turned 68. Abe, who resigned due to ill health in 2020, was shot dead during an election rally on July 8.

Opposition to a state funeral for the former president grew after revelations after Abe had some involvement in the murder of a member of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Unification Church.

When the state funeral was announced shortly after Abe’s death, public opinion was in favor of such an act, but that has changed in recent weeks.

Various polls show that most Japanese are against the celebrations, with support for incumbent Prime Minister Fumio Kishida falling.

While Kishida has repeatedly defended his decision, most voters remain unconvinced of the need for such an expensive ceremony at a time of increasing economic hardship among ordinary citizens.

In 2014, two men set fires in separate incidents to protest what they saw as Japan’s departure from postwar peace under the Abe administration, and one of the men was killed.

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