Japan beat Spain and qualify for the round of 16 in the World Cup | News

The Japanese team beat Spain 2-1 this Thursday on the third date of Group E of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but both teams got their pass to the round of 16.


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In the Khalifa International Stadium there were minutes of tension for both the Spanish and the Japanese. With the result of the match, Japan was the leader of the group, while the Europeans are in second place.

Those led by Luis Enrique Martínez came out to press to open the scoring with a tactical scheme and some changes, looking for the goal through Busquets, who took a very strong shot directly at the goal that went centimeters wide.

The Spaniards maintained high pressure against Japan and after 11 minutes the goal came after a clearance from the left wing and a cross into the heart of the area, Morata headed the ball and sent it into the back of the net.

In the first half, the Spaniards were superior to the Japanese and with a combination between Morata and Busquets they tried to increase the score, but the rival’s defense closed the spaces, while Japan looked for a tie with Ito who, on two occasions, reached the goal of Simon.

At minute 35, Morata reached the goal of Japan, but the goalkeeper managed to keep the ball and with the score in favor of the Spaniards they went to halftime.

In the second half, the Asians corrected their mistakes and at minute 48 the equalizing goal came after a powerful shot from Ritsu Dōan and equalized the score.

However, minutes later the second goal came for the Japanese after a long-distance pass that left the Spanish defense aside, the ball went down the wing and Tanaka recovered the ball to send it into the back of the net.

Japan, at 51 minutes, turned the score around and entered the qualifying zone for the round of 16.

Spain did not react to the two goals. Luis Enrique made some changes to be able to match the actions of the commitment and with Asensio and Torres they sought to equalize the score. At minute 75, Asensio took a very strong shot that hit the crossbar, minutes later Pedri crossed, but Gonda kept the ball.

For the round of 16, Japan will face Croatia, while Spain will face Morocco.