January 2023 the most violent on record in the US

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Fernando A. Mora Guillen.

  • January 2023 the most violent on record in the US
  • Lawmakers travel to Egypt and do not participate in COP27
  • Economic slowdown in the last quarter of 2022

The first month of the year is not over yet and it is already registering as the most violent January since 2014 in the United States with 40 mass shootings according to the Gun Violence Archive record. The last one, the one registered last Tuesday near a Youth Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Just this week there were mass shootings in North Carolina, Oklahoma, Columbus in Ohio, Florida and California, the latter as part of the Chinese New Year celebration. These types of attacks have left 70 dead in 24 days. All this, while the Pentagon announces measures to increase its artillery production by 500% in two years, raising the manufacture of conventional ammunition to levels not seen since the Korean War.

It is contradictory, while North American society lives the consequences of the massive sale of firearms and the Mexican Government promotes legal actions against the manufacture and trafficking of weapons on the border, it seems that there is no awareness of the authorities about the harmful phenomenon of the local arms race in the United States. The violence and social polarization that we live today as a society has resulted in a lack of awareness to address this phenomenon and little or nothing is worth the signaling and legal effort that the Mexican Foreign Ministry has initiated.

Take it with Interest.- Three Senators Geovanna Bañuelos (PT) and Sasil de León (Social Meeting) and Raúl Paz Alonso (Morena) traveled to Egypt with a plane ticket and per diem to participate in the COP27 Meeting between November 9 and 20; However, neither the Foreign Ministry nor the organizers recorded their participation or assistance in the work of the international summit. Undoubtedly one more sample of the practices of Legislative Tourism that in the past were so criticized but that to date are still being exercised without any consequence. Beyond throwing the ball over whether they were accredited or not, it is clear that the legislators did not have a priority issue nor were they involved in the work that would take place at the summit, since they had neither the interest nor the precaution to verify that they were accredited and have ready participations. It is clear that it did not matter if they were or not. But yes, the paperwork for per diems and plane tickets did have priority, since the only interesting thing was to travel to Egypt and how it happened to know and tourist taste. To date, the legislators have not submitted the activity report that they should present to the Senate, as they have not presented it to other international commissions that they have had in this legislature.

Now the demand of their benches is useless so that they return the resources as soon as possible, since in principle there is no intention when beyond looking for excuses and those responsible, responsibility and ethics should be valid to recognize that they should not have remained in Egypt when realizing that there was no accreditation or justification for the trip. What's more, now it comes to light that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had notified the Senate of the Republic about the non-accreditation of the three legislators.

Take it carefully.- The economic resilience that during the first half of 2022 surprised us by predicting that we would overcome the post-COVID crisis collapsed in the last quarter of the year. As reported by the National Institute of Geography and Statistics, our economy suffered a sharp slowdown between October and December of last year as a result of the recession in the United States. There is no doubt that the omen is fulfilled that when the American Union gets the flu, our country gets pneumonia.

After the analysis of the consumer and services market in which the greatest contraction was reflected, today it is clear that despite the growth of almost 3% of our economy in 2022, for this year the growth forecast of 2% is complex since The attraction of foreign investment is moderated by the uncertainty derived from the non-respect of international agreements and the lack of clarity in the legal framework.

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