Jamaica will seek independence from the United Kingdom in 2024 | News

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Jamaica's Minister for Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Marlene Malahoo Forte, announced that her government seeks to hold a self-determination referendum in 2024, in order to gain independence from the British monarchy and have its own head of state.


How was the process of independence of Jamaica?

"The moment has come. Jamaica in the hands of Jamaica. We have to, especially with the transition in the monarchy. My government says that we have to do it now," Malahoo Forte asserted in statements to international media that were published this Friday.

The headline stressed that "although the United Kingdom celebrates the coronation of the king, that is for the United Kingdom", alluding to King Carlos III, who will be crowned this Saturday in London (capital).

Marlene Malahoo Forte added that Kingston seeks to write a new Constitution, and hold an urgent self-determination referendum as soon as possible in 2024; a step towards becoming totally independent from the United Kingdom in order to have its own head of state.

He specified that the monarchy and the racist policies of the British government are promoting republicanism on the Caribbean island.

He also explained that this feeling is motivated by the painful colonialist and slave-owning past of the United Kingdom, which has deeply affected Jamaica and for which London has never apologized or provided compensation.

The Caribbean island became independent from the United Kingdom in 1962, however, it maintains the British king as its head of state and remained among the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, a voluntary association that includes the United Kingdom and almost all its former colonies and domains. .

The death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8 and the accession to the throne of Charles III to also be the head of state of Jamaica and 13 other countries, has increased calls to separate the British monarchy in nations such as Australia and the Caribbean countries.

The monarch also faces dissent towards the crown within the United Kingdom; since he remains linked to various scandals, from dealings with the family of Osama Bin Laden, founder of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, to moral corruption.

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