Jalisco adds six suspected cases of severe acute hepatitis; there is a deceased


The Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) identified a new suspected case of severe acute hepatitis of unknown origin. This is a one-year-old boy, a resident of the municipality of Guadalajara, who began with symptoms on May 30, and is hospitalized in this city with a serious health condition.

The results of the InDRE are awaited.

In Jalisco, until June 10 they have attended six minors with suspicion of this disease: one from Nayarit and five from Jalisco. None have been ruled by the Group of Experts.

Of the five patients residing in Jalisco, three have been classified as probable cases of severe acute hepatitis of unknown origin by the federal authorities and the other two cases maintain the status of suspected cases pending the results of the InDRE.

The original patient and resident of Nayarit was classified as a “probable case”. And his health condition remains serious.

Regarding the state of health of minors in Jalisco, it is reported as of today: one death, two seriously ill patients, one stable patient and one in recovery, already at home.

The Ministry of Health was notified of the death of the seven-year-old boy, a resident of Zapopan, who was admitted to an IMSS hospital, classified as probable case of severe acute hepatitis of unknown originstill awaiting the ruling by the Group of Experts.

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