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The Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro took advantage of Isabel II’s funeral to campaign. From the balcony of the official residence of the Brazilian ambassador, last Sunday, the far-rightist gave a speech against abortion, the decriminalization of drugs and “gender ideology.” He also lied when he said that he would win the elections in the first round, on October 2, something quite unlikely, since in the polls he appears up to 16 points behind former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Using the position and official acts to campaign has been recurrent in Bolsonaro, who has little appreciation for the laws. His abuse of power was exposed in the Brazilian and international press, and the episode was widely commented on on Twitter feeds from the left, the center, and even the non-Bolnarista right. The tone was Bolsonaro’s shameful disrespect for the queen’s funeral.

Although it is true that campaigning at any funeral is an indignity, the president disrespected the Brazilian population the most, since he violated the country’s electoral legislation. And although it is time to expose how much Bolsonaro embarrasses Brazil on the international stage, it is striking that the urban left, mostly from central-southern Brazil, is more connected to the events in London than to what is happening in the Amazon jungle and other enclaves of nature.

The queen and her funeral have been much more talked about than the crimes committed against the original peoples during the campaign. Six indigenous people were murdered in different parts of Brazil in just 10 days in September, which suggests that the wave of executions is a message from Bolsonaro’s base. In this same direction, the number of criminal fires in the Amazon has increased. Accounts have also come to light of Yanomami women of illegal miners raping children under 13 and 14 years of age, some raped by several men at the same time. The Yanomami indigenous land has been invaded by some 20,000 illegal miners, who have expelled the health teams. As a result, nine children have died of treatable diseases in less than three months. Two of them died from excess worms, since they do not have access to basic medicines.

The massacre against indigenous peoples, which has advanced throughout the Bolsonaro government and has intensified in the campaign, was exposed and commented on less in the press and on social networks than the abuses of the current president in London or the death of Elizabeth II. It is a sad mark of colonization, which remains even in those who say they are on the left, but feel closer to British subjects than to indigenous people.

There is nothing more linked to indigenous extermination than the European monarchies, which marked the invasion of what they called America and, in the case of Brazil, were responsible for massacring more than 90% of the original population between the 16th and 17th centuries. This is the heritage that we have to deal with in countries like Brazil and that is in the DNA of creatures like Bolsonaro, himself the result of the country’s whitening policy implemented by Pedro II (1825-1891), the last monarch of Brazil. . With all due respect to the death of any person and the mourning of those who loved her, the funeral of Elizabeth II in a Brazil where the Amazon burns, its protectors are executed, indigenous women suffer gang rapes and children die vomiting worms, matters little. . As long as the colonized complex is infiltrated even in the minds of those who call themselves progressive, Brazil will go to many places, but none decent.

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