Jada Pinkett reveals that she and Will Smith have been separated for 7 years

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been separated for the last 7 yearssomething that the actress is revealing in a new memoir and that clarifies many things.

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Jada made the revelation on Wednesday in a pair of different interviews, one with People Mag and another with Today, in both of which she admits that She and Will have been leading separate lives since 2016 and, even today, continue to live apart.

"We've been doing some really heavy lifting together. We just feel a deep love for each other, and we're going to find out what that's like for us."

The actress claimed that she and Will Smith had already been separated for 6 years when he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars last yeara situation that put their relationship, which had long been the subject of rumors and speculation, in the eye of the hurricane.

She assured that even she was surprised by the violent moment and said that she thought it was all a parody at first.

"I'm going to be there for him," she said of her longtime husband, "but also allow him to have to figure this out for himself."

Jada acknowledged that she and Will have been carrying on a charade as an engaged couple for a long time, showing a united front at multiple public events since their split in 2016, and also publicly denying that anything was wrong when asked.

A few years ago, the actress confessed that she and her family friend August Alsina had had an affair. which, at the time, he claimed had been approved by Will himself. Still, the fact that they are completely separated is brand new news.

Even at that time Smith revealed that he and the "Scream 2" actress had an open marriage because they believed that their union should not "feel like a prison."

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"I don't suggest our path to anyone. I don't suggest this path to anyone, but the experiences that the freedoms that we have given each other and the unconditional support, for me, is the highest definition of love," he said in an interview for GQ November 2022.

Jada did not reveal details about the reasons that led to the separationalthough she did assure that there were "a lot of things" that preceded their breakup, although she expressed that she has not been able to divorce Will, saying that she is committed to "working through anything."

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