Jacky Oh, influencer and famous star of the program "Wild 'N Out", dies at 32

Jackie Ohinfluencer and former star of the MTV show “Wild 'N Out”, died at age 32 in the city of Miami, was a couple of the actor and musician DC Young Fly with whom he had 3 children.

The information was disseminated and confirmed by TMZ, a site specializing in celebrities, which cites sources close to the television star.

The death of Jacklyn Smith, The influencer's real name was registered last Wednesday, May 31, when she was in the city of Miami. So far the cause of her death has not been revealed.

Jacky Oh announced that she was undergoing a makeover

The aforementioned site highlights that Jacky Oh deleted a post in which he reported that he was in Miami to perform “a mommy makeover”.

The former Wild 'N Out and DC Young Fly star had three children: Nova, Nala and Prince, just 10 months old. The couple met during the famous MTV show.

The singer found out about Jacky Oh's death when he was in Atlanta, recording new episodes of Wild 'N Out.

They mourn the death of Jacky Oh

The unfortunate news was confirmed on Wild 'N Out's social networks, where it sends condolences to the family of the influencer and television star.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of Jacklyn Smith, known to the world as Jacky Oh, a talented member of Wild 'N Out, whose impact will always be treasured and missed… Jacky Oh was a loving friend and beloved castmate for five years. seasons”, highlights the message on the social networks of the MTV program.

But he praised her not only professionally, but also personally, especially in her role as a mother.

“And most importantly, she was a tremendous mother to her three precious children. The BET Media group extends its condolences to the entire Smith family, DC Young Fly, B Simone, Nick Cannon and all the friends who loved and cared for Jacky Oh in these difficult times.

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