J Balvin reacts to Christian Nodal’s apology: “He was a gentleman”


J Balvin / Christian Nodal.

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The controversial war of declarations between J Balvin Y Christian Nodal continues, although this time with the intention of settling their differences. And it is that, after the Mexican regional singer offered public apologies during one of his concerts and was sorry for the launch of the “Girasol” fabric, already there was a strong response from the Colombian.

It was the morning of this June 5 when J Balvi used the stories of his official Instagram profile to respond to Christian Nodalwhere he recognized that it was not a good idea to make a bad joke when the interpreter of “Botella after bottle” was going through a bad time.

“Obviously I am nobody to judge him, I was having a bad time, I made my joke without bad intentions and I understand your point of view,” he said in one of the recordings.

The sequence continued to ensure that he is willing to set a good example for society with messages in favor of peace, as it is part of his responsibility as a public figure.

“Here we are in good vibes. Peace, I am nobody to judge who, I am not the owner of the truth and I never will be. In the end, many people follow us and it is part of our responsibility to set a good example, and don’t go around spreading darkness and giving a bad example to society because it is part of our responsibility or at least”, he added.

The native of Medellín, Colombia, declared the conflict over, acknowledging that Christian Nodal was a gentleman by acknowledging his mistake and apologizing, which he responded by doing the same.

“He publicly apologized to me and publicly I do too. He was a gentleman in doing what he did and I respect that more than anyone and that he didn’t lie, he didn’t lie in that conversation, and the rest doesn’t matter.”

J Balvin

Let us remember that on June 4 during the concert he offered in Morelia, Michoacán, when Christian Nodal apologized to the Colombian, assuring that he was sorry for composing the song “Girasol”.

I’m so sorry balvinwe all have our five minutes of pen#$&, I’ve ca#$%& a lot, but Here I am and I’ve faced every problem I’ve createdI fixed every situation”, he mentioned.

However, hours later he said that he accepted Balvin’s apologies, but he would have liked so many problems to be avoided if he had consulted before uploading the photo in which he mocked and involved Belinda.

I was hurt by the teasing and the great exposure, I answered and continued to level up with mocking for not reaching the Medellín stadium, my physical appearance, my ex’s tattoos. I have the right that people who have no idea about me know me for my talent and not for everything morbid, “she said in his message.

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