Ivonne Montero appears with an eye patch from the hospital

Mexico.-Through her social networks, Ivonne Montero, 48 years old, alerted her thousands of fans by posting a photo of herself in the hospital, in addition to appearing with her eye patched and blindfolded.

“A fatal oversight, family,” wrote Ivonne Montero along with a couple of images that show her visibly shocked and, of course, crying: “Send me your good wishes,” she pleads.

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However, Ivonne Montero does not give details of what happened, but due to her hashtag #corneas we assume that this is related.

The winner of the second season of La Casa de los Famosos is expected to inform her fans, the press and the general public in a matter of hours of what fatal oversight led her to the hospital.

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As expected, famous friends of Ivonne Montero did not hesitate to send her their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Mauricio Mancera, 39 years old, sends him kisses and wishes him a speedy recovery, while Maribel Guardia, 63, wishes that God be with her in these difficult moments.

Alejandro Nones, 39 years old; Omar Fierro, 59, and Josh Gutiérrez, 35, were also concerned about the health of the television and film actress. Although they have been asking what happened, she still hasn’t answered.

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Of course, her fans are also sending her expressions of affection: “Beautiful, accidents are the order of the day, you know you have my prayers”, “Speedy recovery and a lot of strength”, “Amazon Force”,

“You will be fine, blessings”, “I am praying for your beautiful eyes my girl”, “My best wishes for those eyes to be healthy”, “Take care beautiful”, read between comments.

Curiously, a few hours ago, before sharing the photos of her accident, Ivonne Montero posted a short video of herself modeling a tight black dress; However, it is not clear what happened to the actress and if that video is current.

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