It's the water, stupid!

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Jorge Miguel Ramírez Pérez.

James Carville's phrase, which sparked Bill Clinton's campaign in 1992, “It's the economy, stupid!”, is a clear example to show people and politicians what they don't see, or what they don't want. see. And that fully applies to this government in matters of water, in all areas and in particular with regard to water for domestic use, such as for use in agricultural production.

In fact, any direct investment in Mexican soil considers three essential things: availability of water, availability of energy and security. The three fundamental conditions that the 4T regime simply does not have in any perspective, the possibility of supplying under any means...

They talk and discuss everything, their life focuses on what others do; They are mythotheists, they said before: "old gossips", with respect to the old women and women addicted to the complicated, today manifestly surpassed by far, by an idler who is aware of what is done in the distant Republic of Mytoland, less than that passes under your nose and that is your responsibility.

Surprisingly, the thousands of followers who must already have in their wallets as a stamp, the image of the one who absorbs the little brain they have left, as a superstitious form of someone who has an amulet for every occasion, are stepping on his heels in the blind and empty. .

And that happens with the water problem, they neither see it nor hear it; because they see it as small and because people don't ask for it either, because they are more interested in increasing support, gifts, and treating them as victims of history; What to think about: what water are they and their children going to drink, and what are they going to water their plots with?

Mexico's problem is water, its excess or scarcity. Historically this has been the case and historically the magnitude of the problem has been deferred, people always want to solve cancer with aspirin; Or, rather, over time, let's see if we forget and between drinks and mistakes, we leave the anger to the next person, because let's see if it's enough for me, for my children? I don't mind. There they are.

No one, absolutely no one is interested in caring for, much less saving, water. For the talkative government: “first the poor” without water, starving, without food, without studies that validate them in the world; only the poor who end up receiving scholarships to vote for those whose goal is to keep them poor, and so that as children they can take jobs from deserving servants and addicts of the drug structures; The data is demonstrated by the prestigious Science Magazine, which affirms the calculation that the cartels are the fifth employed in the country, increasingly attached to the Republic of Mytoland. Where parents cry out for crime to bring their children back to life, or for loss, to leave them for dead, because they did not realize that their children were dead in life long ago, zombies in the clutches of their employers...hugs not bullets, the causes, the causes of becoming stupid and having strength only to cramp opponents.

Water is the number one material and collective priority, you have to be stupid not to understand that without water the human being quickly faints, no plea would be required. It's common sense.

Thank God I was able to know the issue of water in Sinaloa, throughout the North Pacific Basin, and to convince myself that very few understood that this valuable resource was not adequately aware of, beyond the leadership of the elders in the water user meetings. the Basin Councils, which confirmed the degradation of the water supply throughout their lives; The others took it for granted in their minds that water was forever. Big mistake.

We combined ideas with local authorities and without a single peso of contribution from the state and municipal governments, nor from CONAGUA that opposed the project, we formed Fábricas del Agua, under a 100% citizen scheme that started, the only successful reforestation project in Mexico, supported by agricultural water users, and the determined participation of CONAFORT; We built a nursery of endemic plants, typical of the region and in the Imala area, near the Sanalona dam, important, small and useful works were carried out to stop the erosion of deforestation, to begin to stop the silting of the bed of the prey.

The contribution of district ten, as always was the work of convincing a water pioneer in Culiacán, Engineer Severo Gutiérrez, 20 pesos per hectare of irrigation were requested, which were closely monitored by the contributors, and with that, CONAFORT came in weight for weight. That's how I left them, walking, and about to organize other “Water Factories” in the north and south. In CONAGUA they did not understand the goodness of the project and those who remained in charge of the AC reaped the national reforestation award that Peña Nieto awarded, for a project that they never moved forward with, it was foreign to them. Today he hopes to be rescued and I believe he is in better hands.

The four T's heard something about what was done here in Sinaloa, and they concocted the “Sembrando Vida” business, a simple and vulgar mechanism to steal anywhere: deforesting endemic species, simulating the purchase of valuable forest and fruit species, without appropriate environment for their development; corrupting the men of the mountains to create simulation centers, and everything that corruption is fully apparent and that every day the government strives to hide.

In terms of water, the 4T is chaos. Directors and officials parade, create more chaos and there is silence, that's all. Not to mention in the case of the dams, all of them, absolutely all abandoned, without adequate maintenance. In Sinaloa, the Picachos was completed more than 13 years ago. The water that was intended to irrigate 22 thousand hectares of agricultural production is thrown away. Because they have not been able to resolve the construction of the irrigation district and they are already going to Santa María, only the business of constructing the dam, because where is the district? These districts cannot be uprooted. What's happening?

In 2010 I proposed an investment to raise the Sanalona and La Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, to retain water in times of abundance, and in the case of the Sanalona to scale its useful life. There was a will then, but something happened and nothing happened, the project was not followed. There is much to do on the issue of water in Sinaloa and Mexico.

The drought is what sensitizes people and authorities, and sometimes they begin to realize that they have abandoned the most valuable liquid for human beings, even in the hands of a black market, of thugs, as it is today, thanks to the 4T, which rules crime.

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