“It’s the last round, bastard”: Canelo Álvarez’s corner with Eddy Reynoso never lost confidence in winning the fight against Dmitry Bivol


Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and Eddy Reynoso (far right) had a difficult night.

Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images

Last Saturday, May 7, the stellar Mexican boxer Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez lost the second fight in his professional career against Dmitry Bivol, who was fighting for the World Boxing Association (WBA) light heavyweight belt.

The loss caught many analysts and the vast majority of the boxing community off guard. they saw the 31-year-old boxer as the favorite against the Russianbut the reality is that the challenge for Canelo was tough: move up in category to face a resident light heavyweight, with an entire career at that weight.

However, Canelo always knew of the challenge he was getting into, as well as his coach Eddy Reynoso. Both, in the heat of the fight and when everything seemed lost, with a silenced T-Mobile Arena before what seemed to be a sure victory for Bivol, had the full confidence of reversing the situation in the last and definitive twelfth (12) round.

A video released by Matchroom Boxing follows all the key moments of the great fight played on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, a date highly respected and honored by Mexican fighters.

In the material you can see how Reynoso gives key instructions to Saúl Álvarez before starting the three key minutes of the last assault, on the 12th.

“It’s the last round, motherfucker. Give your best, two hits and move your waist “Eddy tells Canelo. The wear and tear on the unified super middleweight champion was evident, Bivol had outplayed him for much of the fight.

But Reynoso insists and motivates him, he sees hope, rules out a knockout and tells his boxer to look to strike smart to win the vote of the judges: “He’s heavier than you, you can’t knock him out anymore.”

Finally Dmitry Bivol won the fight by decision of the judges and extended his winning streak to 20. Canelo had to accept the second setback of his career but insists on a rematch.

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