'It's over! You are not alone': Barcelona and America send a message of support to Jenni Hermoso

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Before the friendly match between America and women's Barcelonathe cheerleaders who attended the Azteca Stadium on Tuesday expressed their support for Jennifer Beautiful.

members of the Feminist Bar promoted a peaceful march against the non-consensual kiss that the Pachuca soccer player received from Luis Rubialesthe now former president of the Royal Spanish Federation.

The fans, who make up a group that has as one of its objectives to encourage support for women's soccer, shouted slogans such as "Out with Rubiales", "Machismo no longer fits", "It's over" and "Jenni, sister, here is your pack".

The fans held up banners with the same phrases they shouted during their march.

The Feminist Bar called only women to the demonstration "to show support for Jenni" and show their "dissatisfaction with Rubiales' statements and the poor conditions in Spanish women's soccer."

#It's Over and you're not alone!

Once inside the Azteca Stadium, the cheers applauded when Jenni Hermoso was called through the loudspeakers to congratulate her on the title obtained with her team in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

While the headlines of Barcelona and America also supported the Spanish champion by posing before the match with a banner that had the message #It's Over and you're not alone!

Photo: Tw / @AmericaFemenil

Women's Barcelona, ​​of which Jenni Hermoso is its all-time goalscorer, is on its first tour of Mexico, with a brand new Spanish world champion, Alexia Putellas.

This Friday, the champion team of the European Champions League will conclude their visit to the country in Monterrey, where they will play against Tigres, the women's team with the most titles in Mexican soccer. (EFE)

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