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Ernest Zavaleta.

Morena is finally projected as what it is, the PRI of the 21st century, it is the party that concentrates power in its leadership, in the president; where decisions are all made by leadership, where militancy is only a shapeless mass of hands raised in an assembly, of unanimous elections among thousands, without opposition, without alternatives; of overwhelming numbers in the votes; of votes without a face; of votes without conviction in exchange for pensions and scholarships.

How are they different from before?

Yes, there is a substantive difference, the PRI went from being a military power to a civil one, and left behind the caudillos and developed a country of institutions; Morena goes in the opposite direction, the institutions disappear, and militarize the country.

Mexico is about to go back between 100 and 140 years towards a new triumvirate, or a military dictatorship.

Morena is a movement that goes after a messiah, an autocrat, a tyrant who is not wrong, who commands, who threatens, who disqualifies, who imprisons, who imposes his will even on the law, and who is about to fulfill his promise: lay the foundations for the 4T, militarize the country to consolidate its power as the maximum leader.

A President of the Republic who is a few hours away from taking another step to expand his political influence beyond the six-year period, with the support of the armed forces through a constitutional reform proposed not by the movement he heads, but by the party from which it emerged, the PRI, and in front of it only remains the obstacle of getting 10 votes in the Senate, paradoxically from the same party that now supports it, the PRI.

Together with its allies from the PT, the PVEM and the PES, Morena gathers 75 senators to extend the military presence in the streets, 60 seats belong to Morena, six from the PVEM, five from the PT and four from the PES, but they must have the photo to favor of 85 the members of that chamber to have the necessary qualified majority, of three quarters of the Senate, to achieve the long-awaited constitutional reform.

Whoever goes against extending the police action of the military in the National Guard until 2028 is a traitor to the people, he is a politician without morals, said the president after congratulating the deputies for approving the reform proposed by his PRI accomplices .

While Ricardo Monreal Ávila, coordinator of Morena and president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) in the Senate, uselessly insists on achieving the reform and aligning himself with the designs of the president who ignores him and disdains him as an aspiring “corcholata”, because he continues as an aspiring to an applicant for an already given candidacy.

“We have a few hours left and I will not get tired of continuing to talk. I am making a major effort of dialogue and flexibility, proposing alternatives so that they can accompany us in this important constitutional reform”, says the Zacatecan legislator.

The votes in commissions show that there is no way to achieve this accompaniment, Morena’s majority prevailed in both commissions, the opposition did not change its position, and the reform bill will be presented before the plenary session of the Senators this Wednesday, and If the trend continues, the military will have to return to their barracks in March 2024.

That is if the National Palace respects the Law and the division of powers, which has not been the style of the 4T; if in the next few hours no “unfavorable” file appears in the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), or in the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) or in the Tax Administration System (SAT) for some 10 of the senators who oppose the reform, or any of its leaders… In addition to Alito.

In the world of more than 200 nations registered with Interpol, 193 of them members of the UN; 134 have a national civilian police; 16 use a mixed scheme, as is the case of France and Spain, which have a military gendarmerie with a civilian National Police, which is in charge of most public security tasks, far removed from the 4T scheme that insists on weakening the state and municipal security forces.

Another 17 have mixed bodies under civilian command and only 33 use the armed forces in public security tasks as proposed with the National Guard, including Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Thailand, Yemen, Angola, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Eritrea, Iran, Vietnam, Chad or Syria, all these totalitarians.

Militarizing the National Guard to provide security to the population is part of the 4T to access a new regime, as the head of the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, clearly stated on September 16, a regime that it tends to be totalitarian, autocratic in practice and already in the morning speech.

It is not only a question of public security, it is to consolidate a military power where the armed forces respond to only one civilian command, to the maximum chief, to the president, as he said in the same place and on the same date, in the Zócalo on September 16, the General Luis Cresencio Sandoval Gonzalez.

Both speeches left no doubt, there is not the slightest intention of returning to civil power the responsibility for public security or any other of the more than 100 civil responsibilities handed over to the militia in this six-year term.

Just 4 years ago, Morena called herself a leftist, opposed to militarization, that party also changed its mind and made it public, as the President of the Republic did just a few days ago, now that party plans to eliminate the leftist definition of its basic documents, prohibit dissent and questioning the result of internal processes such as surveys.

This in order to adapt them to the “new reality of Morena” and that “they are no longer a straitjacket, but a boost to the Fourth Transformation,” said its national leader, Mario Delgado Carrillo, who, as is customary Morenista imposed his extension in the mandate one more year.

The statutory changes elaborated by Pedro Miguel and Rafael Barajas “El Fisgón”, formerly extreme leftists and antimilitarists, who propose eradicating the definition of a leftist party from the basic documents; the democratization of the media, expression; “counteract” the purchase of wills (votes), and the defense of social, labor and cultural rights.

Militarizing the country is no longer a problem of conscience, they are no longer from the left, they are just lopezobradoristas, they are just hands raised by the 4T that now means militarizing the country.

The alarms sound loud, we are on the verge of a dictatorial regime… and it is not a drill.


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