“It’s cule… it makes me vomit”, Canelo Álvarez busts David Faitelson

It is no secret to anyone in the sports world that David Faitelson is one of the detractors more famous of Canelo Álvarez, since He has criticized him on numerous occasions in his program on the air and on social networks; However, this is not something that worries the boxer, since he recently revealed his opinion of the famous communicator.

In an interview with Adela Micha for her YouTube channel, the boxer was asked who in the media he would consider a “culero”, initially without giving names, but later the journalist did not hold back and mentioned the character that came to mind.

“Ah, yes, Faitelson…!” Micha said, something that Canelo confirmed without hesitation: “Faitelson makes me vomit, he’s an asshole and all”, admitted.

And to justify his opinion, the unified super middleweight champion told an anecdote who lived in California, in a business run by Mexican cooks, where he realized that many of his compatriots share the same thought about the ESPN communicator.

“The other day I went to get a haircut in San Diego, there were some pizzas across the street, where the cooks are Mexican, and they come and tell me ‘Here, we brought you a pizza and we put a little message there.’ I open the pizza, it said ‘we all support you here’ and below it said ‘fuck his mother Faitelson’, ‘He’s going to screw his mother’. I thought ‘even the cooks hate him because he hates Mexicans’because only Mexicans like it “, sentenced the boxer from Guadalajara.

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